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Dubai Municipality clears waste in record time after New Year’s celebrations

by Mohammad Ghazal

Dubai Municipality announced the removal of all the waste that it collected from the sites of New Year celebrations in the Emirate of Dubai. 

It also carried out almost 90 inspection and monitoring visits to ensure that the organisers of the accompanying events adhere to health and safety and food safety standards.

The Municipality teams completed field cleaning operations in record time before six in the morning, using more than 114 equipment.

The Municipality’s cleaning teams, which conducted the cleaning operations in coordination with private sector companies, comprised 2,241 workers, 166 supervisors, and 189 volunteers. 

The Municipality dealt with the waste originated from the fireworks and New Year shows, in addition to completing the general cleanup operations as part of its efforts to protect the cultural and aesthetic appearance of the Emirate of Dubai.

The teams also monitored the events accompanying the celebrations in 43 locations of the emirate, in order to ensure their compliance with health and safety requirements and food safety standards, through a team of 84 employees and supervisors, in addition to 32 observers at the Burj Khalifa celebration site.

The Dubai Frame celebration site of Dubai Municipality attracted nearly 20,000 visitors, who celebrated the beginning of the New Year, and the celebrations included the display of distinctive paintings.

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