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At The Big 5 Saudi, Aggreko highlights low-carbon energy solutions to accelerate Saudi Arabia’s green energy transition

by Mohammad Ghazal

Aggreko is participating in ‘The Big 5 Saudi’ as the event’s Energy Partner to create awareness of how construction companies in the region can meet the Saudi Net Zero 2060 target by switching to energy from batteries, modular solar or by adopting a hybrid solution. Aggreko is already involved in megaprojects in Saudi Arabia and the region, providing flexible and sustainable energy solutions for construction sites.

According to Adam Read, Head of Sales – Middle East, Aggreko: “Saudi Arabia has set an ambitious timeframe to achieve their net zero target which leaves no room for slow decision-making. The construction sector is one of the main sectors that produce carbon emissions, and it is imperative that the industry identifies and implements innovative energy solutions that offer substantial carbon reduction opportunities. All construction projects need a continuous energy source, right from start to finish. Currently, energy used in the construction sector includes diesel for machinery as well as electricity for powering buildings and tools. There are many opportunities to save on energy by either using battery storage, modular solar or a hybrid solution.”

Aggreko offers fully integrated, plug-and-play battery energy storage solutions that deliver savings in fuel and emissions when paired with a generator. It can also be paired with renewable energy sources like solar panels. Aggreko has extended their energy storage range to help construction companies meet their unique requirements. For example, power requirements for sites often run at contrasting levels at different times of the day – sometimes it results in generators running at less than 25% of their capacity. That same generator will be responsible for peak hour energy supply too. Aggreko’s efficient generators will handle the rise in power requirement but when demand is lower, it will switch to batteries, thus saving energy. This hybrid model can also be scaled as needed ensuring sites use only the power that they need, further reducing fuel consumption, emissions and cost and helping construction companies meet government regulations on carbon emissions.

It is not only Saudi Arabia that has set net zero goals, governments across the region are moving towards a decarbonised future. The UAE has pledged to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, making the Emirates the first Middle East and North Africa (MENA) nation to do so.

Adam Read, Aggreko, commented: “Whilst technologies like battery and solar will pick up pace, gas is expected to continue to play a “critical role” in regional power generation. Gas produces less carbon emissions than diesel and can be a short-term solution for large construction projects to decarbonise by combining with solar or batteries.”

However, access to a gas pipeline can be a challenge for construction sites in remote locations. Aggreko offers a ‘virtual pipeline’ solution for such sites. A virtual pipeline is a substitute for a physical pipeline where gas that would typically be conveyed through a conventional gas pipeline is instead transported as LNG to the point of use by sea, road or rail. Where no gas pipeline or grid connection exists, the LNG or CNG virtual pipeline enables natural gas to be used as primary fuel for power generation using Aggreko’s modular generators. In addition, an LNG or CNG virtual pipeline can provide back-up fuel where natural gas pipeline capacity is limited.

At The Big 5 Saudi, Aggreko is showcasing their modular solar solution as well as batteries and capabilities for serving customers of large construction projects. Visitors can get to know more about Aggreko’s solution at stands OS 215 and OS 190 at the event, which runs till February 21, 2023 at Riyadh Front Exhibition & Conference Center.

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