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Delta Hotels by Marriott, Dubai Investment Park announce sustainability collaboration with AirOWater

by Mohammad Ghazal

Delta Hotels by Marriott, Dubai Investment Park, has announced a new sustainability initiative in collaboration with AirOWater to transform humidity in the air into sustainable drinking water for hotel guests.

AirOWater technology generates fresh drinking water from moisture available in the air. AirOWater’s Atmospheric Water Generators (“AWG”) aims to target the global shortage of clean drinking water and replace plastic by providing an innovative and sustainable solution to meet the increasing demand for fresh drinking water.

“We are delighted to work with AirOWater and move towards a more sustainable operation in the hotel. We have implemented the system at Delta Hotels by Marriott in Dubai Investment Park and are very satisfied with the results so far. All of us in hospitality need to focus more on sustainability and look for solutions together to eliminate plastic bottles in our properties. The consideration of how we use water, and the containers in which water is stored, is a good starting point, however, we plan to invest a lot of time and energy into sustainable initiatives for the future of our hotel,” Raja Zeidan, Multi-Property General Manager of Delta Hotels by Marriott, Dubai Investment Park and The St. Regis Downtown Dubai, said.

Delta Hotels by Marriott creates a seamless travel experience across 100 locations globally and focuses on the details that truly matter, delivering simple streamlined service and intuitively designed rooms. The hotel’s collaboration with AirOWater is in-line with the brand’s commitment to sustainability and Delta’s brand pillar of free bottled water for all guests. Delta Hotels by Marriott, Dubai Investment Park, will be the first Marriott International property in the Middle East to work with AirOWater.

The hotel currently has two AirOWater’s AWG which produce a range of 500 to 1000 litres of water in one day, enough to cover all the property’s drinking water requirements. All 246 guestrooms, restaurants, meeting facilities, spa and gym feature refrigerators that are stocked with filtered AirOWater glass bottles. The hotel is completely plastic-free in terms of water bottles, with no plastic water bottles used in any public or staff areas, including back-of-house offices. For every 1000 litre AWG installed, the hotel saves approximately 11,000kg of plastic and further reduces the carbon footprint, as there is no wastage of water, compared to desalination or typical RO treatment systems of water.  

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