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Fueling a greener future: Kia unveils latest HEV models at launch event in Saudi Arabia

by Mohammad Ghazal


Kia Corporation set the stage for a greener future at its highly anticipated launch event in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, May 17, 2023, at the Intercontinental Durrat Al Riyadh Resort. With a focus on sustainable mobility, the event showcased the latest in hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) technology, offering attendees a first-hand glimpse into the future of eco-conscious driving.


The launch event highlighted the innovative features that set the latest HEV models – K5, K8, Sorento, and Niro Plus – apart from traditional gasoline-powered vehicles: quiet performance and comfortable interiors, which provide a luxurious driving experience while being eco-friendly. Across the range, the HEV models allow drivers to customise their driving experience, choosing whether to utilise hybrid modes or battery power only – ideal for short journeys around town. 


Kia’s Regenerative Braking System creates better fuel efficiency and reduces emissions by up to 50%. This innovative braking system simultaneously charges the battery, extending the battery life while allowing drivers to personalise braking speeds. With a streamlined hybrid experience and enhanced fuel efficiency, the HEV line from Kia is the smart choice for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint.


In addition to their eco-friendly engineering, the HEV models from Kia reveal bold and sporty designs, making them both stylish and comfortable. With exceptionally smooth handling and acceleration, spacious interiors, and silent motors – the vehicles offer a relaxing driving experience that is also kinder to the planet.  


The event was a celebration of Kia’s commitment to excellence and sustainability, with participants given the opportunity to test drive the vehicles and experience their cutting-edge features, firsthand. From the K5 model’s intuitive controls and superior handling to the Niro Plus’s lightning-fast charging capabilities and instant acceleration – Kia’s HEV models offer a combination of luxury, practicality, performance, fuel efficiency, and safety.


Yaser Shabsogh, Chief Operating Officer, Regional HQ, Middle East & Africa, Kia commented: “We are thrilled to introduce our latest HEV models to the Saudi Arabian market, offering customers the perfect combination of top-tier performance and environmental sustainability. At Kia, we believe that creating a greener future is not just a responsibility but a privilege. Our engineers have worked tirelessly to deliver hybrid innovation that pushes the boundaries of automotive engineering, and this launch is the culmination of their hard work.


Shabsogh, added: “We are confident that eco-conscious customers in the region will appreciate the luxurious interiors, fuel efficiency, quiet drive, and eco-friendly features that our EV models provide. At Kia, we are committed to reducing carbon emissions and shaping a brighter future for generations to come by advocating for sustainable mobility solutions.”


K5: A bold design for a bold experience


The K5 model’s innovative design is inspired by nature, with a sporty exterior and a digital cluster featuring HEV information, best-in-class ADAS. As part of Kia’s commitment to safety, the K5 inspires confidence in the driver, while delivering a sophisticated aesthetic. These features empower a dynamic driving experience with its intuitive controls and superior handling – the K5 is engineered to perform. 


Niro Plus: Comfort meets functionality


The Niro Plus, was designed to showcase the sustainable nature of Kia’s hybrid models. The elegant exterior of the Niro Plus is equipped with easy storage accessibility and loading capabilities for practical use – a perfect blend of form meets function. With its extended height ratio, the interior roominess permits a more accessible entry and exit from the vehicle, providing a comfortable journey for even the longest road trips. An enhanced driver’s layout and increased trunk space underscore the upgraded utility of the Niro Plus. The Niro’s spacious interior creates an efficient, comfortable vehicle – focused on an outstanding driver experience and environmentally-friendly energy usage.


K8: Surprising luxuries

The event also showcased the K8 model’s quiet drive performance, high-tech infotainment system, and premium, comfortable interior. The exterior construction of the K8, with its sleek and modern aesthetics, encapsulates the peak of functional design.


Sorento: Powerful performance

The Sorento’s powerful drive train and advanced safety features demonstrate Kia’s commitment to performance and fuel efficiency. The Kia Sorento’s outstanding all-terrain mode, Forward Collision Avoidance system, and Smart Cruise Control safety features cultivate driver confidence no matter the environment. The advanced hybrid system determines maximum fuel efficiency, transitioning to battery usage at low speeds while saving fuel at every turn. 


Kia’s HEV models offer the perfect combination of luxury, practicality, performance, fuel efficiency, and safety – providing an energising experience for drivers in the region. The launch event showcased Kia’s dedication to progress, highlighting its unwavering commitment to revolutionising the automotive industry through innovative and sustainable solutions. With a focus on performance and fuel efficiency, Kia’s HEV models are poised to revolutionise the region’s automotive market. 


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