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MBRL announces conclusion of ‘Sustainability Horizons Fair… A World of Green Knowledge’

by Madaline Dunn

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Library (MBRL) recently concluded the ‘Sustainability Horizons Fair… A World of Green Knowledge,” which took place in Dubai from 30 November to 12 December 2023,

The event, which was organised in conjunction with COP28, through its display of 500 books, highlighted a “unique” group of titles and encyclopedias included in MBRL’s nine sub-libraries.

These resources focus on sustainability, global climate change, the environment, clean and renewable energy, and more.

Dr. Mohammed Salem AlMazrooei, Board Member of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library Foundation, said: “By organising these exhibitions and events throughout the year in our library, we aim to spread environmental awareness and encourage our society to adopt sustainable practices, based on our belief that knowledge is the basis for understanding current environmental issues and future challenges. This confirms our commitment to supporting the development of an informed and interactive society that positively contributes to preserving our environment and protecting our planet for future generations.”

Some of the most prominent book titles were The Atlas of Climate Change, The Role of the Local Community in Preserving the Environment From Pollution, Life With Climate Change, The Eyes Guide to Climate Change… Concepts and Issues, Global Warming and its Repercussions on the Arab World, Climate Action From Paris to Abu Dhabi and the Middle East, The Date Palm and its Adaptation to Climate Change.

“We look forward to more activities that contribute to enhancing environmental awareness and promoting sustainability in our society,” said one of the attendees.

In cooperation with Enable, MBRL also organised a two-day workshop on planting and arranging indoor plants, by a group of Emirati youth of determination.

Further, in a special event, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library’s external facade was lit in green to symbolise commitment to the principles of environmental sustainability and the preservation of natural resources.

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