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Aster Pharmacy shares efforts to reduce plastic pollution

by Madaline Dunn

Aster Pharmacy, a retail chain in GCC part of the Aster DM Healthcare Group, has shared that it has undertaken various initiatives over the last five years to reduce plastic pollution and promote sustainability.

This includes efforts to introduce eco-friendly stores with interiors built with sustainable and recyclable materials and its initiative to replace plastic bags with recyclable paper bags.

This initiative is now complete, with 7.4 million paper bags being used annually to serve customers.

Dr. Azad Moopen, Founder and Chairman of Aster DM Healthcare, commented: “Our commitment to sustainability is deeply embedded in our corporate culture and driven by our ESG framework. As an organization we have integrated 10 UN SDGs into our core operations which have resulted in significant impact on sustainability and environment over the last 5 years. In FY’23 alone with integration of renewable energy the company achieved a noteworthy reduction of 6,824 tCO2e reduction in net greenhouse gas emissions.”

Adding: “We have been rated as the number 1 Healthcare Company in ESG by the rating Agency CRISIL among Indian Healthcare Companies last year. We are actively participating in sustainable practices in the various GCC countries in energy efficiency, waste disposal and use of reusable alternatives. Over the past five years, we’ve gradually replaced plastic bags in Aster Pharmacies and plan to intensify these efforts going forward.”

The company shared that its waste recycling for the year included 76,555 kilograms of plastic waste, 446,977 kilograms of paper waste, and 5,506 kilograms of e-waste.

Further, the organisation’s waste management practices encompass various categories, including biomedical, plastic, food, metals, paper, and cardboard.

Aster also shared that it prioritises waste segregation at the source, enabling efficient recycling of recyclable materials.

“At Aster, our efforts are always directed towards adoption of innovative measures that can not only preserve the health of our patients and customers but also enhance the environment in which they live. The complete transition to paper bags and integrating sustainable materials into our interiors are part of our efforts to ensure that we provide a sustainable environment which supports the health and well-being of our esteemed customers, in-line with our mission to deliver good health and well-being in every neighborhood that we operate in,” said N.S Balasubramanium, CEO of Aster Retail GCC.

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