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Jordan: IFC Signs Agreement to Enhance Water Sustainability

by Madaline Dunn

Together, the IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, the Government of Jordan and Miyahuna, a state-owned water utility, have announced the signing of a collaboration agreement to support the company in reducing water loss across its distribution network, increasing water supply and enhancing water sustainability.

Jordan is one of the most water-scarce countries in the world and also has high Non-Revenue Water (NRW) levels. NRW is water that is lost before it reaches the customer. This can happen for a number of reasons, including leaky pipes and theft, and in the country, over 50 per cent of Jordan’s water is lost this way.

It was shared that the IFC will work with the Government of Jordan and Miyahuna to reduce the country’s high NRW, a task that will be realised through the co-development of a project to attract private sector investments in the NRW space.

The parties shared that the project will be tendered competitively to optimise water-management efficiency and reduce water loss substantially across one-third of Amman’s area.

“This new partnership with IFC will help us increase water supply for everyone and improve the efficiency of the network by engaging the private sector – a basic human need,” said Zeina Toukan, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation.

Indeed, according to Hela Cheikhrouhou, IFC Regional Vice President for the Middle East, Central Asia, Türkiye, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, cutting water loss by half could supply water for about half a million people in Jordan.

“IFC aims to work in tandem with the government to engage the private sector as part of the solution for not only saving water but also for increasing Jordan’s overall resilience to climate change,” said Cheikhrouhou.

Water utility Miyahuna supplies potable water to over six million residents of the Greater Amman region and the neighbouring Zarqa, Madaba, and Balqa governorates, where half of Jordan’s population resides.

“The agreement demonstrates our commitment to addressing the long-standing issue of water scarcity that can impact every aspect of life. Reducing water loss will not only help us save water for more people but will also support our revenues to provide better services in the long run,” commented Mohammad Ouran, CEO of Miyahuna.

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