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Dubai Chambers Hosts Legal Workshops for Local Businesses

by Madaline Dunn

Dubai Chambers recently hosted three legal workshops aimed at familiarising the local business community with key aspects of maritime law, data protection, and bounced cheques.

The legal workshops, attended by a total of 226 participants from the private sector, aimed to raise awareness of the latest legislative developments impacting different sectors.

The UAE Maritime Law workshop provided a comprehensive overview of Federal Decree-Law No. 43 of 2023 on Maritime Law, organised by Dubai Chambers in cooperation with Al Tamimi & Company.

The session explored the legal obligations surrounding various types of Bills of Lading (BoL), including electronic BoLs, changes relating to the limitation of liability and the settlement of maritime disputes.

Participants also discussed the different categories of marine insurance, legal issues relating to cargo insurance claims, and marine debris removal provisions.

Elsewhere, the ‘Data Protection Compliance in Recruitment and Recruitment Practices’ webinar, presented in collaboration with Galadari Advocates & Legal Consultants, examined the legal framework for complying with data protection regulations in the UAE.

The online session addressed the impact of data protection and privacy on companies’ handling of recruitment, employee record-keeping, and other human resources-related activities, as well as the transfer of employee data.

Meanwhile, the webinar on the implications of bounced cheques in cooperation with Clout Law Firm clarified the legal responsibilities arising from bounced cheques, in addition to the rights of beneficiaries and means of recourse available to resolve payment disputes.

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