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Emirates Nature-WWF Launches Nature’s Resilience Training Series

by Madaline Dunn

Environmental charity Emirates Nature-WWF has announced the launch of its second summer training series called ‘Nature’s Resilience.’

Organised as part of the Leaders of Change programme, the series aims to upskill the UAE community on nature and the environment, it was shared.

Hosting 10 sessions, the series will educate participants on the link between biodiversity, climate change and human well-being, with masterclasses and expert-led workshops.

Last year’s series featured sessions such as Climate Fresk, Food for Thought and the Planetary Boundaries, with this year’s focus on UAE biodiversity.

The series will spotlight rare and endangered species, pollinators, migratory and resident birds, and desert animals.

This comes against the backdrop of a global biodiversity crisis. Indeed, in 2022, it was found that global wildlife populations had plummeted by 69 per cent over the last 50 years, while IPBES estimates that more than one million plants and animals are threatened with extinction, many within decades, underlining the imperative for action on nature and biodiversity.

Alongside the educational element, organisers shared that the series seeks to equip participants with a better understanding of how they can support environmental experts and local conservation efforts.

“We are delighted to launch the Nature’s Resilience series, which builds upon the success of last summer’s climate training series. Over ten weeks, we will explore the magnificent diversity of life that has adapted to thrive in UAE’s arid deserts, rocky mountainsides, winding wadis and vibrant coastal lagoons – and how we can safeguard these beautiful, fragile places and the wildlife that calls them home,” explains Arabella Willing, Head of Conservation Outreach and Citizen Science at Emirates Nature-WWF.

“This series is very action-oriented, and it prepares the community to drive positive impact through citizen science and conservation field trips which will resume after the summer.”

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