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EAD: Over 8,500 Certificates Issued on e-Green Digital Platform

by Madaline Dunn

The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) has issued 8,529 certificates on its digital environmental educational platform e-Green since its launch in 2022, the organisation has announced.

The e-Green digital platform is a free-to-use and collaborative e-learning tool dedicated to the environmental sector in the region.

The platform offers 68 modules and 13 courses, with 3,900 active users who have watched a combined total of two years and one month of course hours.

Ahmed Baharoon, Executive Director of the Environment Information, Science Outreach Management Sector at Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, said that since the launch there has been “remarkable engagement.”

“This proves that there is great interest among students to learn more about the environment – the key driver for creating and launching the platform. We know that youth are the main users of the platform and, by increasing their knowledge of the environment, they will be well prepared to be future leaders advocating for change and action when it comes to nature conservation,” said Baharoon.

According to Baharoon, the next step for the organisation is providing e-Green content in Arabic.

“We will also be releasing more courses to boost the range available on the platform, so students have a well-rounded experience and access to sufficient information,” added Baharoon.

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