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Amana Healthcare wins two sustainability awards from the Arab Hospitals Federation’s Arab Healthcare Climate Change Challenge

by Mohammad Ghazal

Amana Healthcare, a Mubadala Health partner and one of the Middle East’s leading providers of long-term care, inpatient rehabilitation and home care services, has won two Gold Initiative Certificates from Arab Hospitals Federation’s Arab Healthcare Climate Change Challenge Champion, in two categories: Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency; and Water, Waste & Resource Management.
The ceremony took place during 11th January 2023, in Cairo, Egypt, where awards were given to healthcare authorities, organizations, or institutions that made significant contributions to sustainability in various ways and have gone above and beyond to optimise their practices to reduce the impact of climate change.
Dr. Jason Gray, Senior Director of Clinical Operations, Amana Healthcare said: “We are proud to have won two Gold Initiative Certificates. With operations spanning across eight specialised facilities in the UAE, we aim for a more conscious and efficient way of caring, where the patients and the community are seen as a whole, and the associated climate change challenges are kept in mind as part of our vision when providing unmatched, high-quality integrated continuum-of-care services to the community.
“These distinguished awards affirm the milestones we continue to reach with the work we are doing in our Go Green initiative. Our aim is to reduce Amana Healthcare’s carbon footprint by 15 percent within the next two years to enhance the residents’ and community’s well-being and become a regional leader in the promotion of environmental sustainability initiatives.”
Amana Healthcare has supported the development of a sustainable healthcare sector in line with the Environment Vision 2030 through rapid microprojects across its network. These microprojects ensure climate change is part of its wider vision and central to its unique approach to its conscious and efficient way of caring for patients and the community.
The first microproject received the “Gold Champion” recognition for the Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Certificate category by reducing CO2 emissions and decreasing electricity consumption at Amana Healthcare Village, a specialised residential care facility comprising of 35 villas in Khalifa City A. By doing so, it transformed into an environmentally friendly residential community, whereby patients are part of a cutting-edge, modern hospital that considers both their well-being and the health of the broader public.
The second project, which received the “Gold Champion” in the Water, Waste & Resource Management Certificate category, involved reducing paper consumption in Amana Healthcare’s Weaning Unit at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. The project prevented wasteful paper consumption and saw the adoption of paperless tools for specific quality, education and reception departmental tasks.

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