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Renaissance Services Oman partners with SOURCE to generate sustainably sourced drinking water

by Mohammad Ghazal

As part of its commitment to best-in-class technologies and reducing its environmental impact, Renaissance Services will partner with SOURCE Global, PBC to generate sustainably sourced drinking water for Renaissance Village Duqm (RSVD) in Oman’s Special Economic Zone at Duqm (SEZAD), with plans to expand to additional sites.

Renaissance is Oman’s leading accommodation, services solutions and integrated facility management company, with a growing presence in the UAE and Qatar.

Adjacent to RSVD, the company will install SOURCE® Hydropanels, a patented technology that uses only the sun to harvest water from an entirely new and endlessly replenished resource — pure water vapour in the air — creating the first “water farm” in Oman.

The project will create a sustainable source of clean, safe and high-quality drinking water made locally in Oman and served in reusable glass bottles for the workforce staying in the world-class, 18,800+ bed RSVD, which is Oman’s largest International Labour Organisation-compliant accommodation facility.   

“Water is life. We are delighted to partner with Source Global to implement this important green initiative here in Oman, and in particular, at Duqm. This is a future-focused, smart, sustainable solution that is aligned with the vision of SEZAD and OPAZ (Public Authority for Special Economic zones and Free zones) as a smart, green city,” said Stephen R Thomas, CEO, Renaissance. “Adopting SOURCE® Hydropanels allows us to further push our sustainability agenda. We are contributing to reducing single-use plastic, preserving groundwater, and reducing CO2 emissions by using a sustainable and renewable approach to drinking water.”  

“Our Hydropanel technology is 100 percent off-grid and offers industry leaders like Renaissance Services the opportunity to hydrate their workforce in a renewable, premium and sustainable way. We can produce high-quality drinking water even in dry and remote places and virtually anywhere on earth,” said Robert Bartrop, CRO, SOURCE Global, PBC. “We’re proud to work with Renaissance Services in support of their commitment to a greener future.”

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