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On the National Environment Day: DXB concludes 2022-2023 Desert Protection Campaign with an awareness event

by Mohammad Ghazal

DXB, and in partnership with the Dubai Municipality, concluded the “Desert Protection Campaign” with an awareness day held at Damac Hills Park in line with the activities of the National Environment Day. This activity is a continuation of the direction that was started the company 15 years ago.

The awareness day included various activities and programs designed to educate the public about the challenges that face the environment share advice for the public informing them on how they can contribute to preserving the desert environment.

Mr. Aref Ali Alabbar, Chairman of DXB, stated, “we conclude this year’s desert protection campaign in line with the announcement by His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan who stated that 2023 would be a year of sustainability. We aim to contribute to the UAE Government’s efforts to minimise our impact on the environment and continue in the footsteps of the Late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan AL Nahyan, the founder of the UAE, and his continuous effort in protecting the environment and educating the public on a more sustainable lifestyle.

Alabbar added “Preserving the environment is a top priority for us and this annual campaign that started in 2008, is considered as one of the key campaigns aimed at maintaining the desert’s natural beauty and keeping it clean and clear of contamination through educating all who visit it about sustainable practices via specified workshops. In addition, we focus on the role of the desert goers in keeping the desert clean and protecting the environment during the campaign season.

Eng. Alia Al Harmoodi, CEO of the Environment, Health and Safety Agency at Dubai Municipality, added, “The municipality is dedicated to supporting initiatives that contribute to preserving Dubai’s biodiversity and ecosystems. This year’s desert protection campaign is an opportunity to highlight the efforts of the municipality in supporting similar activities that promote sustainability and are aimed at educating the public on environmental practices and encouraging them to adopt sustainable habits in food and health for a cleaner and healthier future.”

DXB aims to raise environmental awareness among desert goers on how to limit their impact on it while driving the message forward to future generations in addition to promoting sustainable practices through this campaign.

The activities, which are in line with the company’s strategic objectives are met by offering activities such as field visits to camping sites, educational workshops and interactive activities on topics such as sustainable food practices, groundwater management and animal habitat preservation.

Specialists from Dubai Municipality engaged the public through a series of educational workshops and interactive activities aimed at promoting environmental sustainability, food safety and public health.

The workshops emphasised the reduction of food waste and the importance of adopting a healthy and sustainable diet. Additionally, the specialists shed light on the sustainability of the desert’s animal environment, providing insights into the crucial role pests play in the ecosystem and their life cycle. These efforts aimed to increase public awareness and understanding of these critical environmental issues.

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