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LEAP 2023 sees SAP Fieldglass launched in KSA, enabling workforce agility and management in Kingdom’s dynamic employment market

by Mohammad Ghazal

Global technology company SAP SE has announced on Wednesday, at the LEAP technology event in Riyadh, that SAP Fieldglass would be available in country, hosted on its data centers in Riyadh and Dammam as part of efforts to support the dynamic growth of its users in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

SAP Fieldglass enables organisations in Saudi Arabia to use the leading Vendor Management System (VMS) while meeting the data sovereignty requirements within the country.

SAP Fieldglass is a cloud-based, open VMS that helps organisations find, engage, manage, and pay external workers anywhere in the world. Its availability in the Kingdom will help SAP customers, especially those operating in fast-growing sectors such as banks and financial services, utilities, transport, and telecommunications, to manage the external and contingent workforces supporting their sensitive and critical work in line with local data sovereignty requirements.

“Given the growth in Saudi Arabia’s economy and its move toward digital transformation, SAP’s customers in government and regulated industries have tremendous demand for highly-skilled external workers and increased workforce agility, while experiencing heightened scrutiny of supply chain assurance,” Ahmed AlFaifi, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, SAP Middle East North said.

According to a recent report launched by the National Labor Observatory, Saudi Arabia ranked first in the labor force growth rate among the Group of 20 countries during the years 2012-2021, highlighting the dynamic shifts taking place in the Kingdom.

“Hosted securely at SAP’s data centers within the Kingdom, SAP Fieldglass addresses these challenges while delivering support for the goals outlined in the Saudi Vision 2030 strategy, reinforcing SAP’s commitment to providing customers with the sovereignty, security, and confidence they need from their cloud products and services,” AlFaifi added.

As the world of work rapidly evolves in Saudi Arabia and across the MENA region, SAP Fieldglass has been at the forefront of helping hundreds of the world’s largest companies transform and optimise how they find, engage, and manage external talent and contingent workforces.

SAP Fieldglass solutions help automate the end-to-end process of procuring and managing external talent, allowing customers to better manage costs by using preferred suppliers and adhering to market rates. The transparency into worker and supplier performance enables higher quality of work, enhanced supplier collaboration and improved talent decision-making overall.

“As Saudi Arabia advances its roadmap for economic diversity, workforce management becomes a vital element and SAP Fieldglass is set to be a key enabler of developing and delivering talent for a diverse set of industries in the Kingdom,” AlFaifi added.

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