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OQ lays the foundation for sustainable operations

by Mohammad Ghazal

OQ, the Global Integrated Energy Group has laid the foundations for sustainability for its activities and operations for the next three years.

This falls under its stalwart commitment for a sustainable future that enhances the added value of Oman’s natural resources. The plan is based on a comprehensive framework that focuses on several vital goals such as carbon neutrality, health and safety, and reducing work accidents, diversity as well as promoting inclusiveness within its work environment. Furthermore, the Group aims to participate in sustainable procurement practices, which is not only reflected across all its activities but also on the energy value chain. OQ is focused on achieving its own sustainability agenda based on global best practices within field, using a wide range of sustainability methodology and frameworks.

OQ places carbon footprint management amongst its priorities by applying effective controls and restrictions, harnessing technology and digital solutions. The long-term effects of these will manifest towards carbon neutrality, energy efficiency, reducing and managing carbon emissions, adopting a policy of managing carbon emissions to gradually shift to a sustainable future for clean energy, as well as developing other sources of income by building an economy based on recycling carbon particles. The Group seeks to implement green hydrogen projects and promote clean energy initiatives from renewable energy sources.

In the field of health and safety, OQ considers the human element as one of the basic pillars that leads to business advancement. Since its inception, OQ has paid great attention to applying the highest standards to maintain the safety and well-being of its employees, workers and members of the community in its areas of operations.

Within diversity and inclusiveness within the work environment, the Group is keen to establish the concepts of diversity and inclusiveness while applying sustainable development standards and providing equal opportunities for all its employees. This comes in addition to, developing local talent, refining their skills and preparing them to confront work environment variables and the ability to respond quickly and continue to grow.

Towards sustainable procurement practices, OQ works in tandem with contractors and individuals to improve procurement efficiency while applying the principles of Global Compact to the practices in force in the United Nations. This is further achieved by addressing corporate social responsibility issues, procurement that considers environmental and sustainability conditions to add value and develop Small and Medium Enterprises through sustainability programmes. This ensures strengthened financials in addition to a safe working environment for employees and contractors.

To achieve these benchmarks, mastering performance in environmental, social and governance initiatives has become central to the Group. This has set the focus on sustainability for the next three years, with clear objectives and goals.

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