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Nespresso believes that no resource should be thrown away

by Mohammad Ghazal

Resources are precious. Nespresso has known this from the start, with the creation of the first portioned coffee system that optimises the use of water, energy and coffee through precise quantities to brew one cup of Nespresso at a time. With Global Recycling Day just gone on March 18th, Nespresso continues to reinforce their commitment to creating a convenient recycling program for consumers in the UAE and worldwide.

Precisi0on and Circularity through its value chain

Since launching its first recycling scheme in 1991, Nespresso has embarked on a journey towards a circular model. A circular model transforms the take-make-waste economy into one that tackles climate change, biodiversity loss, waste, and pollution. Nespresso endorses circular principles where end-of-life materials are conceived as resources from the very start. Their actions are based on the following principles: Eliminate waste and pollution, Circulate products and materials, and Regenerate nature.

Precision and circularity are the attributes that help Nespresso maximise their value and reduce waste. Following circularity principles, they use only the resources needed in their value chain and reuse and recycle them whenever possible. Nespresso has chosen aluminium for its capsules to protect the high quality of the coffee selected and to ensure the freshness of the aromas for each cup of coffee. Aluminium provides strong protection against oxygen, light and humidity, which can really affect taste. Moreover, aluminium is lightweight and infinitely recyclable.

Over the last 30 years, Nespresso has made every effort to give the aluminium and used coffee grounds in capsules a new lease of life. Currently, 80% of the aluminium used for home-use capsules is recycled aluminium. Nespresso was one of the founding partners of what is now known as the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI), which sets out standards to promote the protection of biodiversity, respect for indigenous peoples’ rights, water management and low-carbon emissions during the production of aluminium.

“Nespresso is committed to driving circularity in aluminium and is now extending these principles to appliances too; the metal’s story is one we all share and is a key part of collective action for global sustainability goals,” Said Dr.Fiona Solomon, CEO, Aluminium Stewardship Initiative.

Visionary approach towards recycling and aluminum

Nespresso reached a global recycling rate of 32% at the end of 2020, up by 17% since 2014. More than 90% of its consumers worldwide have access to a convenient used capsule recycling solution. Nespresso’s recycling efforts cover 59 countries, with dedicated recycling systems in 54 countries. The brand also shares its infrastructure with other capsule manufacturers in 5 countries. In 38 countries, Nespresso offers a ‘Recycling at Home’ option which allows consumers to have their used capsules collected from their place of residence.

Nespresso paved the way to create the first ever sustainable virgin aluminium standard, as a founding member of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI). ASI set the first ever global standards for sustainably, responsibly produced aluminium.

Recycling your capsules in the UAE

Nespresso plays a key role in reducing residual materials across the country by implementing innovative recycling solutions, striving to make recycling accessible for each customer. In the UAE, Nespresso offers a recycling scheme with many collection points. Customers can conveniently recycle their used capsules by requesting at-home collection with their e-com order or by dropping them off at any Nespresso retail location – booth or boutique across UAE.

In the UAE, Nespresso has partnered with BEE’AH, a leading sustainability partner since 2013, to recycle used coffee capsules. After collecting the used Nespresso capsules from customers, they are transported to BEE’AH’s recycling facility wherein the capsules go through a process of isolating the coffee grounds from the aluminium, using a custom separation machine developed by Nespresso. The coffee grounds are then transformed into compost, while the aluminium is recycled, allowing it to be reused in the production of new aluminium products. This closed-loop system minimises waste and maximises the use of resources, helping to create a more sustainable future. After the separation process of capsules is complete, the coffee grounds are sent to Green Fields as compost to grow vegetables.

“We are committed to sustainability and recycling in the UAE. Our capsules are today made from 80% recycled aluminium. Our goal is to create a more sustainable future by facilitating access to collection points, innovating for better circularity, and inspiring consumers to recycle more.” said Francisco Nogueira – Business Executive Officer Nespresso MEA

This is just the beginning, as Nespresso continues to use more recycled content and extend recycling through industry-wide collective systems. Reaching new heights for a more sustainable plan in the long term, Nespresso is more committed than ever to optimise resources and minimise waste, in an effort to work towards a green future.

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