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Desert Technologies Industries’ production capacity and contribution to the solar panel international market

by Mohammad Ghazal

The Saudi show Seen’s second episode of its second season, which airs on the Saudi channel MBC, titled: (Arab Industries) showcased solar panels manufactured in Saudi Arabia, where the show’s presenter, Ahmed Al-Shugairi, visited the German city of Hagen to find out about the first solar energy project powered by Saudi solar panels produced at the first Saudi Factory to export solar panels, the Desert Technologies Factory in Jeddah.

In his statements about the panels’ high quality, which qualified them to enter the German market and compete with major international companies operating in the same field, CEO of the Meeco Group Sebastian Bovensiepen indicated that the project uses 2,500 Saudi solar panels designed according to the highest quality standards, and produce approximately 10 megawatts. Sebastian said: “The Saudi solar panels are of high quality and accuracy, have no scratches or defects, and this is the quality that we would Search for and we couldn’t find.”

The episode features an interview with Engineer Majid Al-Rifaie, CEO of Desert Technologies Industries, and his team about how the company’s solar panels utilise cutting edge technology in order to be more efficient and withstand vast weather conditions, as well as the comprehensive quality assurance measures the company takes throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the highest standards in the industry are met.

He was briefed on the production process and followed all its fully automated stages. Al-Shugairi listened to an explanation from Eng. Majed Al-Rifaie, who confirmed that Desert Technologies Industry was keen on being the first major contributor to renewable energy projects, and developed a Production line for the manufacture of solar panels with an accumulated capacity that contributed to making the factory one of the most important national factories for solar energy panels in the region.

The company produces 935,000 solar panels annually, with a production capacity of 300 megawatts, and aims to raise the production capacity to 1,000 megawatts. Al-Rifaie added that the quality of the Saudi product of solar panels qualified it strongly to enter and compete in the German market as well as many other international markets including the Spanish, Greek, American, Iraqi, Caribbean islands and the Egyptian markets. He added: “we are seeking to increase the Kingdom’s exports of solar panels in the future.”

Al-Rifaie mentioned in his statement to, Ahmed Al-Shugairi, that the factory’s strategy aims to keep pace with the goals of the Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and the “Made in Saudi” program, referring to the positive returns from exporting solar panels that enhance the creation of more jobs for Saudi youth, and contribute to the domestic product by focusing on exports.

It is worth noting that the episode shed light on the Arab industry at the international level in various fields, and the extent of Arab participation in many industries around the world from countries such as Morocco and Egypt as well.

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