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Connect with family and friends this Ramadan: How to manage the festivities with WhatsApp

by Mohammad Ghazal

The holy month of Ramadan is a time for reflection and togetherness. It is also a month where you spend more time with family and friends, plan community meets, and organise charity events. And a lot of that planning and organising takes place within the privacy of WhatsApp chats. Here are  some tips and ideas on how to use WhatsApp effectively as you create new memories with loved ones this  Ramadan.

Plan your virtual iftar

Iftar or the act of breaking a fast during Ramadan is often undertaken with family and friends. But what if you have family members who live overseas, or elderly grandparents who are not able to join in person? You can still stay connected by organising a virtual iftar evening  on WhatsApp with video calls for up to 32 people. You can also use call links to plan ahead, so everyone knows when to join in and you aren’t adding people in one by one.

Share inspiring meal ideas with family and friends

Sahur and iftar  are the  two most important meals during Ramadan, but sometimes, planning meals for a month can become a chore. Why not inspire others and get inspired by creating a WhatsApp Group of home cooks and foodies where you can share meal ideas. You can also upload photos of your meals to Status and let your connections know how you are channeling your inner chef this Ramadan.

Embark on acts of charity and goodwill

Giving to the community and being charitable are characteristic to Ramadan. Set a reminder for yourself to fulfill your Zakat rites with WhatsApp’s message yourself and pin the chat so it stays top of mind. But charity doesn’t end with Zakat, you can also start organising people to support a social cause through WhatsApp Communities.

Get creative with your Ramadan greetings

Throughout Ramadan, you will want to connect with family and friends as you convey your heartfelt wishes. Make greetings personal by creating your avatar or try recording your greetings in a voice note to really let your personality shine through your message. When you receive greetings, Reactions are an easy and great way to show how you feel.

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