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GE Continues to Find New Ways to Improve Safety

by Mohammad Ghazal

GE Gas Power is highlighting its environment, health and safety (EHS) protocol, “Read Across” to mark the World Safety Day.

This safety protocol is not only helping to prevent or reduce similar incidents from occurring elsewhere and causing injury or worse, it also is becoming an industry benchmark for improving workplace safety, said Beyza Kurdoglu, EHS Leader for GE Gas Power in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

“What’s innovative about Read Across is that the focus is not on categorising incidents by level of injury. It recognises that even when there is no injury or the injury is minor, the event itself can still provide tremendous learning and opportunities to identify further safety enhancements”, said Kurdoglu.

She added: “We gave our approach the name ‘Read Across’ because we are taking learnings from an event -even if minor- that occurred in one location and sharing it globally across other GE Gas Power new unit project sites, service outage locations, manufacturing sites and repair shops.”

Read Across is just one component of GE Gas Power’s broader EHS structure that reflects the prioritisation of employee safety and commitment to quality, reliability and on-time delivery. Other key elements include Life Saving Principles (LSPs) and the Stop Work policy.

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