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European Parliament and Council Agree on Decarbonising Aviation Sector Plan

by Mohammad Ghazal

The European Parliament and Council have come to an agreement aimed at decarbonising the aviation industry and promoting greater sustainability in air transportation. In a press release from the Council of the EU, the proposed agreement seeks to boost both the demand and supply of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) while maintaining a fair competitive environment in the European transport market.

This agreement proposal is crucial for the European Union’s air transportation as it aligns with climate goals for 2030 and 2050. Utilizing SAF is a key short- and medium-term solution for reducing aviation emissions. However, the transition faces challenges such as limited supply and higher prices compared to fossil fuels.

Key aspects of the Commission’s proposal include requiring aviation fuel to have a minimum SAF content starting in 2025, with an increasing share of synthetic fuels until 2050. Another critical component is a transitional period that allows fuel suppliers to meet the SAF blending mandate, ensuring a smooth transition without affecting overall emissions.

Additionally, the proposed agreement mandates that aircraft operators achieve a minimum of 90% of their yearly aviation fuel quantity to minimize emissions related to excess weight from fuel-tinkering practices. Reporting obligations will be in place for both fuel suppliers and aircraft operators, while competent authorities will establish rules on fines to enforce the regulations.

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