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Dulsco Group Improves Safety through its DriveSafe Telematics (GreenRoad) Initiative

by Mohammad Ghazal

The Dulsco Group, a leading service provider in the UAE, has enhanced its road safety performance with its recent implementation of the DriveSafe Telematics initiative in the region. This programme uses technology from DriveSafe, a leading provider of fleet safety management solutions, to monitor driver behaviour and record driving parameters such as overall speed, acceleration, braking, and cornering. It provides drivers with real-time feedback on their driving performance. 

In 2022, the Dulsco Group integrated the DriveSafe Telematics system (previously known as GreenRoad) into their entire 158 vehicle fleet, which is part of the Dulsco People division. The aim was to educate staff and drivers and create a culture that prioritises safe driving and secure commuting for all employees. The fleet, which includes various vehicles such as buses, vans, and cars, transports around 12,000 employees daily within the UAE. It is maintained by professional mechanics and managed by an expert team, ensuring additional safety for Dulsco Group employees.

“I firmly believe that human safety cannot be quantified in monetary terms. Our company places the utmost importance on the well-being of our employees, both in and outside of work. To ensure this, we have implemented various initiatives, such as DriveSafe Telematics and an in-house training academy. These cutting-edge solutions enhance our safety culture and allow us to achieve our goal to continuously improve and be better every day,” comments Antony Marke, COO of Dulsco People.

The DriveSafe Telematics system provides real-time guidance, control, and evaluation solutions to enhance safety and increase efficiency. It leads to a decrease in fleet accidents, fuel usage, carbon footprint, insurance claims, maintenance expenses and risk. The company prioritises the well-being of employees and regularly conducts health exams, including vision tests, for all drivers in the Dulsco Group.

“Our collaboration with Dulsco Group has had a positive impact due to the implementation of DriveSafe Telematics. This has led to exceptional outcomes across the board, including improvement in driver performance, a safety rating of 90% or higher, reduction in road incidents and traffic violations. There has also been a decrease in fuel consumption by 3-5% and corresponding cuts in carbon emissions, vehicle degradation, and operating costs. With the growing emphasis on sustainability and emission reduction in the market, DriveSafe emphasises eco-driving and accident prevention,” concluded Ali Javanmard, Regional General Manager, DriveSafe Telematics.

Dulsco Group collaborates closely with Dubai Police and the Road and Transport Authority. The Dulsco Training Academy (DTA) was established to provide drivers with a realistic, safety-focused training environment for operating various industry vehicles, such as those found at airports, ports, transport, and logistics. The goal is to improve driver competency and reduce accidents. Phase 2 of the initiative, which involves partnering with Emirates Driving Institute to provide RTA-licensed training to new drivers, will soon be launched.

According to Mr. Marke, the Group is supportive of government initiatives, including transitioning their fleet to CNG to reduce carbon emissions and help the UAE reach its Net Zero by 2050 goals, and contribute to COP28 and the Year of Sustainability.

The Dulsco Group strives to stay at the forefront of technology, offering customised solutions to clients in line with its mission and vision. The DriveSafe Telematics initiative, utilising DriveSafe technology, aims to enhance road safety in the UAE and nearby regions. Early indications show improved driving behaviour, lower emissions, and increased fuel efficiency. With its commitment to corporate social responsibility and aim to create a safer and cleaner future.

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