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WakeCap is transforming the construction industry with wearable technology

by Mohammad Ghazal

WakeCap, a Saudi technology company with headquarters in Riyadh, affirms its position as an industry leader for data-powered site visibility at the Global Project Management Forum 2023 on 12-13 June 2023 at Fairmont Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Many projects suffer significant delays and cost overruns. A report by McKinsey & Co. showed 98% of large projects around the world suffer cost overruns of more than 30%. In Saudi Arabia alone, a 2019 report from the Shura Council shows that up to 82% of government projects have experienced delays, with costs exceeding 42% of the planned budget. WakeCap’s objective is to boost productivity in mega and giga projects by revolutionising reporting. The company aims to tackle the challenges of digitising the construction field by introducing transparency, accuracy, and consistent data.

Presenting the solution to project management professionals in the region, Dr. Hassan Albalawi, CEO and Founder of WakeCap, said: “Utilising time and motion study is a well-known technique that boosts effectiveness and productivity. By identifying and quantifying setbacks, as well as areas where time savings can be made, we can lead to measurable improvement. Our experience implementing our technology in numerous large-scale projects with over 50 million working hours logged has validated this approach. Our goal is to disrupt the industry without disrupting the work.”

WakeCap is a wearable technology that conveniently integrates with pre-existing infrastructure and does not require staff training or cause disruptions to workflow. The device itself is a small knob powered by a long-life battery that can be easily attached to a worker’s safety helmet to measure their movements, location, and time. With these three essential metrics, a wealth of data about the building site can be obtained, leading to increased efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness for both owners and contractors. WakeCap not only offers its core technology but also professional implementation and integration services, along with an Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) Platform and BIM integration to further enhance productivity monitoring.

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