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In Partnership with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, “InnoXera” Global Summit Explores Innovations in the Education and Training Technologies Industry

by Mohammad Ghazal

In partnership with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the fifth edition of the InnoXera Global EdTech Summit, focusing on the future of education and training technologies, was held at the King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with the organisation and main sponsorship by Classera, the largest education technology company in the region and emerging markets globally, and under the strategic sponsorship of the Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States along with elite international companies such as Microsoft, HP and Zoom. The theme of the summit was in line with the path of digital transformation, especially in education, one of the most important sectors in the Kingdom, aligning with Vision 2030.

The Summit had been inaugurated by a speech of His Excellency the Deputy Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Eng. Haitham Al-Ohali, who focused on the ministry’s support for Artificial Intelligence technologies in all sectors, most importantly in the education sector. This year, the Summit also focused on artificial intelligence practices and its role in improving learning and raising the efficiency of education and training processes. Discussing also the latest educational technologies and innovations and their future.

Engineer Mohammad Al-Madani, CEO of Classera, said, “Today, there is no disagreement on the importance of integrating technology into education and training, but everyone is asking what are the best technologies, what is the latest technology in the field, and what are the priorities and best international practices. This Summit, InnoXera, comes to answer all of that and more, and we hope that InnoXera will be a platform that will inspire everyone who is passionate about education and training technologies to explore all new innovations.”

The first day of the annual summit, focused on smart learning in educational institutions, while the second day focused on the future of training and development for governments and corporations. Both days focused on highlighting the latest technologies and innovations in smart learning in the spectrum of the Summit’s theme of the year, ‘Learning  in the AI Era’. The Summit included a side exhibition in which major international, regional and local companies participated to showcase their innovations in the EdTech industry. At the conclusion of the Summit, the sponsors and participants were honored.  The Summit witnessed the signing of a number of important agreements in the education and training sectors with several companies and institutional entities interested in the smart education and training sector, practices related to its development and joint solutions that support it.

It is worth noting that the InnoXera Summit started from Saudi Arabia five years ago and is now present in three other countries, Egypt, Jordan and Pakistan, to become the largest Summit in the field of education and training technologies in the region. This is a testimonial of the leadership of Saudi Arabia as it sees this vision for itself in all technical fields, including educational technologies.

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