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Best Diplomats sparks global change with consecutive conferences, revolutionising tech, innovation, and sustainability

by Mohammad Ghazal

Best Diplomats, a globally renowned force in diplomacy, has made an indelible impact with its flawlessly executed back-to-back conferences in May and June, meticulously organed and spearheaded by Director General Fawad Ali Langah and Operations Manager Shaheer Suhail Qureshi, along with their exceptionally talented team, took place at the prestigious Hilton Double Tree M Square Hotel on June 23rd., 2023. These groundbreaking events, focused on technology, innovation, and sustainability, serve as a testament to the organation’s unwavering dedication to fostering global collaboration and addressing urgent global challenges.

Leveraging the power of diplomacy, Best Diplomats brought together a distinguished lineup of experts, industry leaders, and diplomats from around the world. These conferences provided dynamic platforms for thought-provoking discussions and the exchange of invaluable knowledge, sparking a wave of progressive ideas and solutions with the potential to shape the future of multiple sectors.

Both conferences, aptly titled “Impact of Artificial Intelligence on industries”, delved into the vast realm of technology and its transformative impact on industries worldwide. Esteemed experts and keynote speakers from diverse backgrounds gathered to share their valuable insights and experiences.

Notably Ms. Oleksandra Mamchii, H.E Alfonso Ferdinand A.Ver (Ambassador of Philippines), H.E Giuseppe Finocchiaro (Consolato Generale d’Italia, UAE), Noor Shahee, Senior Executive Support Associate Representative from UNHCR in UAE, Ms. Nur Nemee Public Relation Manager, Italian Chamber of Commerce, Eng.: Maitha Alblooshi (Emerging Youth Leader, Motivational Speaker), Ahmed Alhashemi (Founder & CEO of Hedwey Technology Solutions), Mr. John Katsos, School of Business Administration, American University of Sharjah, Guest of Honors: H.E Serdarmammet Garajayew (Ambassador of Turkmenistan, UAE), Nesbite Artur Agostinho Pedro Milton (First Secretary, Embassy of Mozambique in UAE), Chico Vern Mortar (Consular Attaché, Mozambique in UAE), shared their insights during these impactful conferences. The collaborative platform provided fertile ground for identifying innovative approaches to drive sustainable development on a global scale.

Throughout both events, Best Diplomats excelled in fostering connections and facilitating fruitful dialogues. Attendees from more than 60 diverse nationalities engaged in productive exchanges, forging partnerships, collaborations, and the exchange of best practices. The inclusive nature of these conferences propelled progress, allowing a convergence of diverse perspectives and inspiring diplomatic efforts to contribute to technological advancements and sustainability initiatives.

Eng. Maitha Alblooshi, an influential and dynamic young leader, captivated the audience with her inspiring words. As she addressed the gathering, her motivational speech resonated deeply, sparking a positive response from all those in attendance. Her powerful message echoed, “In a world where negativity can stem from both external influences and internal battles, we must rise above and persevere on our chosen paths, just like shooting stars illuminating the sky. Embracing our autonomy and taking control of our lives empowers us to overcome the judgments of others. Remember that negative inner thoughts are natural, but their hold weakens as we unleash our true potential.”

Active participation of diplomatic missions from various countries underscored the vital role diplomacy plays in collectively addressing global challenges. Best Diplomats’ collaborative approach created an environment where diplomatic efforts harmoned with technological advancements and sustainable practices, amplifying their impact and creating a ripple effect across borders.

The resounding success of these consecutive conferences solidifies Best Diplomats’ position as a trailblazer in the realm of diplomacy and global cooperation. Leveraging their unparalleled expertise, the organation continues to carve out spaces for meaningful dialogues, innovative breakthroughs, and sustainable development.

In a world grappling with ever-evolving challenges, organations like Best Diplomats serve as a resounding call for diplomacy and collaboration. Their unwavering dedication to promoting technology, innovation, and sustainability through diplomatic channels shines as a beacon of hope and inspiration, illuminating the path towards a brighter future for all.

Best Diplomats is a Diplomatic Simulation Organer headquartered in New York. Best Diplomats initiated its momentum with recognition of the salience of Youth Leadership and aims to provide prospects to harness and advance opportunities for the Leaders of tomorrow. The organation works in collaboration with various youth groups and aims to encourage aspiring premiers by offering them a platform to exhibit their speech and diplomatic skill.

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