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Environmental upgrade: Ooredoo Kuwait joins forces with Ocean Minded to foster sustainable innovation

by Mohammad Ghazal

Ooredoo, a key contributor to national environmental responsibility announced its most recent sustainability initiative in collaboration Ocean Minded, a renowned company dedicated to ocean conservation, to launch a unique initiative aimed at protecting the marine environment. In a joint effort, Ooredoo and Ocean Minded have strategically placed branded buoys along the beach of Bnaider, delivering a significant message of care, respect, and preservation for the ocean.

Aiming to reduce the use of traditional anchors, which often cause damage to the ocean bed, Ooredoo and Ocean Minded have taken the initiative to supply jet skiers with convenient and compact buoys for securing their equipment. This alternative solution provided by Ooredoo encourages responsible practices among water sports enthusiasts while promoting the importance of marine conservation.

“As an organisation committed to corporate social responsibility, Ooredoo is proud to collaborate with Ocean Minded on this meaningful project,” said Naser Al-Abdulla Marketing, Communication & Social Media Director at Ooredoo Kuwait. “By placing these buoys in Bnaider, we aim to create awareness about the significance of preserving our oceans and showcase our dedication to environmental sustainability.”

The branded buoys, a visible symbol of this partnership, will be stationed along the beaches of Kuwait for the entirety of the summer season. As part of their social responsibility towards the environment, Ooredoo enthusiastically encourages residents and visitors in Bnaider to actively participate in this initiative by utilising the buoys to secure their jet skis, actively contributing to the preservation of the local marine ecosystem.

Through this collaboration, Ooredoo and Ocean Minded reaffirm their shared commitment to environmental stewardship and demonstrate the importance of corporate partnerships in addressing pressing ecological challenges. By leveraging their resources and expertise, both organisations aspire to inspire positive change and foster a culture of environmental consciousness within the community.

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