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Safarak Travel & Tourism Unveils Survey Results of Ras Al Khaimah Residents’ Travel Habits

by Mohammad Ghazal

Safarak Travel & Tourism, one of Ras Al Khaimah’s Leading Destination Management Companies, unveils the findings of a recent survey conducted by Censuswide.

The survey aimed to gain insights into the travel habits and preferences of residents living in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, focusing on individuals aged 25 and above. The data collection period took place in June 2023, and 505 respondents participated in the survey.

Key Findings:

Extensive Research: On average, respondents reported spending approximately 7 hours researching a destination before making their travel bookings. This highlights their dedication to ensuring an informed and well-planned trip.

Expenditure Breakdown: The survey revealed the average expenditure of respondents on various aspects of a 7-day holiday, per person. The figures include AED 11,202 on accommodation, AED 11,462 on flights, AED 8,363 on transfers, AED 8,504 on shopping, AED 8,652 on entertainment/activities, AED 8,205 on clothing, AED 7,984 on insurance, and AED 8,109 on food and drink.

Booking Preferences: When asked about the timing of their trip bookings, 40% of respondents indicated that they traditionally book their holidays 3-4 weeks in advance and on average, respondents preferred to book a holiday 7 weeks ahead. Additionally, the survey highlighted that over 41% of respondents prefer online booking, while 34% prefer in-person bookings through travel agents.

Preferred Destinations: The top 5 preferred holiday destinations among respondents for the next 12 months include the Caribbean (26%), France (25%), Germany (20%), China (17%), and Greece (17%). A significant proportion (20%) expressed a preference for beach holidays, while an equal percentage (20%) favoured visiting family and friends. Just under a fifth (19%) of respondents indicated a preference for activity-focused holidays, such as skiing, hiking, or surfing.

Influences and Inspirations: Social media plays a crucial role in shaping respondents’ holiday choices, with 36% citing it as their primary source of inspiration. Instagram emerged as the preferred social media platform, with 61% of respondents actively using it for travel-related content.

Sustainable Travel: Sustainability was a key consideration for respondents when selecting a holiday. 82% valued sustainable destinations, while 84% expressed the importance of sustainable accommodations, and 78% prioritised sustainable activities during their trips.

Cathy Mead, General Manager, Safarak Travel & Tourism said: “We are delighted to present the results of this survey, which provide valuable insights into the travel habits and preferences of Ras Al Khaimah residents. The findings underline the residents’ dedication to research and planning, as well as their commitment to sustainability aligning with RAK’s vision of becoming the regional leader in environmentally conscious tourism. At Safarak, we strive to meet these evolving preferences by offering tailored travel experiences that matches our customers’ expectations.”

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