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 Green Transition: The Push for Global Sustainability and the Role of Youth

by Mohammad Ghazal

In our rapidly evolving world, a notable shift towards environmental and climate consciousness is taking center stage. This change isn’t merely a response to the escalating climate challenges but a pivotal move to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The fulcrum of this monumental transition? Green skills.

Defined as the amalgamation of knowledge, proficiency, values, and perspectives essential for nurturing a sustainable society, green skills are the pillars of our future. These skills encompass both the technical know-how necessary for the execution of eco-friendly technologies and the overarching, transversal skills needed for environmentally sound decision-making in everyday life. Given the comprehensive scope of green skills, they often resonate with terms like “skills for the future” and “skills for green jobs.”

It’s undeniable that these skills are vital for everyone, but their significance is amplified amongst the youth. The younger generation stands at a unique juncture, poised to champion the green transition over an extended timeframe.

In light of this, the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) has announced a grand global webinar to mark the International Youth Day 2023. This initiative, a collaboration with the UN Global Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth and Generation Unlimited, promises enlightening dialogues centered on green skills for the youth. The event will gather insights from global entities, governmental bodies, and dynamic young professionals championing sustainable causes. Those eagerly awaiting more on this webinar can expect detailed information by July.

Additionally, to bolster global participation for International Youth Day 2023, DESA will release a series of knowledge resources. Designed to guide and inspire stakeholders in their distinctive capacities, these materials will be accessible by July 2023.

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