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BEEAH Unveils Region’s First AI Vision Cameras to Enhance City Cleaning and Waste Management

by Mohammad Ghazal

BEEAH Tandeef, the waste collection and city cleaning vertical of BEEAH Group, the region’s leading sustainability and digitalisation pioneer, announces a monumental step towards cleaner urban environments with AI City Vision. This groundbreaking AI 360 Camera system for waste collection vehicles, the first of its kind in the region, is set to revolutionise how cities are maintained and waste is managed.

A standout innovation, AI City Vision processes images and videos captured by 360-degree external cameras with exceptional accuracy. By recognizing conditions such as waste bin status, overflowing waste, and road cleanliness, this AI-driven technology streamlines waste management, leading to significant time savings and smarter asset management. Overflowing bins are logged into a portal, optimising waste collection and cleansing routes. Focusing on the beautification and upkeep of the city, the AI City Vision system aligns perfectly with BEEAH Tandeef’s dedication to a cleaner and more sustainable future in the UAE and beyond. This integration with existing waste management systems demonstrates a significant stride towards cleaner cities, fostering a sustainable and circular economy.

Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO of BEEAH Group, expressed: “For years, BEEAH Tandeef has demonstrated a tradition of innovation that sets it apart as an industry leader. Our unwavering commitment to research and development has driven transformative initiatives in waste management practices, ranging from pioneering waste segregation methods to implementing sophisticated recycling technologies. BEEAH Tandeef’s consistent drive for innovation has earned it the reputation as the most innovative waste management company in the UAE and the region. We are fully committed to aligning our solutions with the UAE’s sustainability roadmap, fostering a cleaner environment, and driving economic prosperity through technological excellence.”

Alongside the groundbreaking AI City Vision system, BEEAH Tandeef also introduced additional innovative solutions. With a Facial Recognition Bus Attendance system, BEEAH Tandeef’s workforce transportation buses are transforming labour management within the industry. This system ensures seamless, accurate and timely attendance records while reducing administrative burdens. Further building on its innovative legacy, BEEAH Tandeef continues to find success with the Smart Bracelet designed for its dedicated labourers. Equipped with real-time tracking and safety assurance mechanisms, this IoT-enabled device underscores BEEAH Tandeef’s commitment to the safety and welfare of its workforce.

 “As the UAE aspires to become a global hub for innovation and a model for sustainable development, BEEAH Tandeef takes a leading role in the waste management sector by introducing cutting-edge technologies that prioritise sustainability, efficiency, and safety,” reiterated Rafael Lopez, Chief Executive Officer of BEEAH Tandeef. “These innovative technologies epitomise BEEAH Tandeef’s dedication to fostering a sustainable quality of life, within our workforce and our cities of operation, while also contributing to a healthy environment and economic prosperity in the UAE. By integrating AI technology in waste management, BEEAH Tandeef contributes to the nation’s goal of becoming a global leader in technological advancement and sustainable development. Moreover, the company’s commitment to the well-being and safety of its labour force through the Smart Bracelet and Facial Recognition Bus Attendance reinforces the UAE’s vision of creating a happy and secure society.”

BEEAH’s commitment to innovation is evident in its extensive investment in pioneering AI technologies across its diverse business verticals. This includes BEEAH’s state-of-the art headquarters, a fully AI-integrated office, renowned as an ‘Office of the Future’ and BEEAH Recycling’s Commercial and Industrial (C&I) facility, equipped with cutting-edge robotics and AI systems. Within the waste management sector, BEEAH Tandeef’s reputation for groundbreaking advancements is well-earned. Through state-of-the-art waste sorting and recycling technologies, intelligent equipment like smart bins and used cooking oil machines, and advanced fleet management systems such as WastePro+, BEEAH Tandeef constantly explores new frontiers in waste management. Looking ahead, AI City Vision will be available as a dedicated service to client.

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