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On Emirati Women’s Day 2023, Quotes by Amnah Alyammahi, Maintenance Methods Support Engineer, Veolia Biogas to Energy Plant, Veolia Gulf Water Services LLC

by Mohammad Ghazal

On Emirati Women’s Day 2023, Amnah Alyammahi, a Maintenance Methods Support Engineer at Veolia Biogas to Energy Plant, shares her transformative journey from the water sector to energy, facing challenges and embracing growth. Alyammahi encourages young Emirati women to delve into engineering, emphasizing the profound impact it has on society.

Share your journey in environmental management and what inspired you to pursue a career in this field.

I joined Veolia in August 2020 as a mechanical engineer in the Fujairah F2 desalination plant, where it produced portable water by treating seawater using reverse osmosis (RO) membrane technology. After working in the water sector for about two years, I moved to the Energy sector at a biogas-to-energy plant in Dubai. The shift marked a significant change in the environment, demanding a fresh set of skills, techniques, and knowledge to effectively tackle multifaceted challenges as a dedicated service provider to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction. But, thanks to the enabling environment, it has been an immensely fulfilling journey for me. I am grateful for this opportunity and look forward to exploring more in this sector.

Being a part of an esteemed global organization like Veolia gave me invaluable insights into the practical applications of the knowledge I acquired during my university studies. Beyond that, the experience of contributing within this organizational and sectoral framework significantly nurtured my professional advancement. The journey of growth and learning extended far beyond the realm of engineering alone, encompassing vital skills such as decision-making and financial management.

What challenges did you encounter while working as a Maintenance Methods Support Engineer?

In this journey, I faced a multitude of challenges and opportunities. Most difficulties involved managing time and assets to uphold the plant’s required operational readiness. However, I underwent a transformative learning curve as time progressed, gaining profound insights into effective time utilization and heightened productivity.

Considering that not many women choose to pursue a career in mechanical engineering, what message do you have for them and, especially for young Emirati women who are interested in pursuing careers in similar fields?

To all the ambitious Emirati youth out there, I encourage you to delve into the world of engineering. Undoubtedly, it presents challenges, yet it harbors a profound beauty. Once the fruits of your labor materialize, any fatigue you feel will fade away. Each small achievement and its positive impact on our society and country will motivate you further and provide you with innumerable reasons to pursue a career in engineering.

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