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Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism Celebrates the Inspiring Achievements of Emirati Women

by Mohammad Ghazal

As the UAE commemorates Emirati Women’s Day, which falls on 28th of August, the remarkable contributions of Emirati women in propelling the nation’s progress under the visionary guidance of its leadership take centre stage on this momentous occasion.

The theme for the 2023 Emirati Women’s Day, ‘We Collaborate for Tomorrow’, aligns with the nation’s overarching motto for the year, ‘Today for Tomorrow’, as part of the ‘UAE Year of Sustainability’. With their unwavering dedication, Emirati women will continue to play a pivotal role in driving sustainable growth for the future, establishing a legacy of lasting progress.

From accomplished executives to CEOs, Emirati women are actively supporting Dubai’s drive to bolster its status as one of the world’s top three global cities, in line with the Dubai Economic Agenda, D33. On this special occasion, Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) shines a spotlight on its outstanding female executives who play pivotal roles in DET’s efforts to ensure the success of the D33 Agenda.

Sahia Ahmad, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Regulatory Policy & Governance at Dubai’s Department of Economy & Tourism commented on the significant impact Emirati women have had on the city’s continued development across all sectors. She stated “This year, as we do every year, we shed light on the meaningful and immeasurable achievements of Emirati women, as we all celebrate under the theme ‘We Collaborate for Tomorrow’. In a world marked by intense competition and swift global transformations we continue to encourage and help empower Emirati women to drive progress, innovation and excellence, setting our city and the nation on the path of continued success and global recognition.”

Laila Mohamed Suhail, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Strategic Alliances and Partnerships Sector at Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism said: “The esteemed positions held by Emirati women in the country serve as an inspiration to women globally, a result of their substantial accomplishments and impactful contributions spanning all sectors. This success is a direct result of the unwavering support provided by our leadership, combined with their inherent capabilities and talents. The observance of Emirati Women’s Day with the theme ‘We Collaborate for Tomorrow’ underscores the approach the city fosters, involving all segments of society and entities to fulfil its aspirations.”

Laila Mohamed Suhail further added, “Aligned with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, we at Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism are focussed on achieving the goal of the Dubai Economic Agenda, D33 to bolster Dubai’s standing as a preeminent global city in tourism and business. Emirati women, whose influence spans across various sectors, play an instrumental role in this pursuit.”

Moaza Buti Alyouha, Vice President of Brand and Event Marketing Operations at Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism, affirmed the importance of Emirati women’s contributions and presence across a diverse array of sectors, notably tourism and the economy. “This prowess is nurtured by the steadfast support of our visionary leadership, which has empowered Emirati women to attain key positions and achieve excellence across domains, fostering creativity and mastery.”

Hoor Al Khaja, Associate Vice President of International Operations at Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism, highlighted the global impact of Emirati women, stating, “Emirati women’s influence transcends national boundaries, extending to international forums. Emirati women’s imprint is not confined to the local level but resonates on the global stage, a testament to their dedication and diligence across sectors including tourism, economy, arts, and creativity. The UAE’s unwavering commitment showcases their comprehensive approach to the development of Emirati women, setting a path for the future generations to continue achieving and actively contributing across all sectors.”

Hoor Al Khaja added, “Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism is also devoted to realising strategic initiatives and programmes in line with the leadership’s vision, where Emirati women play a crucial role in achieving these goals, reinforcing their valued position.”

Aida Al Busaidy, Associate Vice President of Consumer Advocacy at Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism, hailed Emirati Women’s Day as a momentous occasion to celebrate the creativity and achievements of women. She remarked, “In this ever-evolving global landscape, we take great pride in celebrating Emirati Women’s Day, as it is a testament to the remarkable achievements of our nation’s women. Their contributions, be it in the boardroom or in championing environmental causes, are a testament to their unwavering dedication to shaping a better world. The theme of this year’s Emirati Women’s Day, centered around sustainability, underscores not just progress but also the importance of stability. Our visionary leadership’s emphasis on women’s empowerment resonates strongly in this context, as we believe empowered women are the driving force behind a sustainable future. As we commemorate this special occasion, let us continue to stand together, nurturing a legacy that embodies the success and true spirit of Emirati women.”

Suhaila Ghubash, Executive Director at Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment, part of Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism, highlighted Emirati women’s exceptional roles across all levels and sectors. Ghubash stressed that the daughter of the Emirates has made her mark in tourism, entertainment, events, festivals, and the economy, with their contributions integral to the successful realisation of Dubai’s and the UAE’s initiatives and projects, a testament to the unwavering support of the government. Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism, alongside the Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment, actively engages women in numerous events, festivals, and initiatives throughout the year. This collaborative effort underscores the shared commitment towards achieving common goals.

These remarkable achievements serve as a testament to the nation’s outstanding accomplishments across a range of domains.

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