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Sparklo creates MENA’s eco-friendly future with its first 100 installed AI-powered recycling machines

by Mohammad Ghazal

Seeking to build a world without plastic and aluminum waste, AI-driven global cleantech company Sparklo has installed 100 reverse vending machines (Sparklomats) in popular public areas throughout the MENA region. Leading the sustainability wave, Sparklo’s innovative solutions have inspired users to place 1 bottle every 3 seconds and 30,000 plastic bottles and aluminum cans daily in MENA. With more than 35 000 000 collected recyclables globally, the company is set to change the attitude toward waste pollution by making sustainable practices fun and easy for everyone. In the UAE, Sparklo’s reward app organically hit the 6th spot on the top 10 most popular lifestyle apps.

At the core of the company’s business is producing and operating innovative reverse vending machines (RVMs) — Sparklomats, which have already been installed in parts of Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the UAE as well as Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Sparklo’s RVMs allow people to easily recycle plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Simply placing an empty bottle or a can in the receiving window users immediately receive rewards in the mobile app, which can be exchanged for discount vouchers for food, delivery services and other special offers.

To get rewarded, users simply download the Sparklo app, complete a short registration and start receiving rewards from Sparklo’s partners every time they place a bottle into Sparklomats. In this way, recycling becomes not only a conscious and sustainable habit but also a joyful practice.

Sparklo’s commitment to sustainability and innovation has already garnered support from key industry leaders in the MENA region. Launching its operation in the UAEQatar and Saudi Arabia, Sparklo installed its RVMs (Sparklomats) at retail chains, shopping centers, gas stations, and hotels.

The company began operating in the MENA region in the UAE’s Year of Sustainability with its game-changing software and hardware solutions for waste management on a worldwide scale. With plans to tackle the ever-pressing challenges of plastic and aluminum waste head-on, the company is creating groundbreaking global infrastructure and paving the way for a sustainable and eco-friendly future in the Middle East.

The company has also developed an AI-powered software system for the Sparklomats which utilizes machine learning algorithms to optimize the recycling process. By leveraging artificial intelligence, Sparklomats can accurately identify and sort recyclables, improving efficiency and reducing contamination. This technology enables the maximization of the recycling potential of each item.

“I am honored to introduce Sparklo in the MENA region on the eve of COP28 UAE and during the Year of Sustainability, as proclaimed by President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Sparklo’s global goal is to collect all the plastic bottles and every recyclable in the MENA region. We aim to revolutionize recycling and integrate it into the fabric of society’s lifestyle by incorporating elements of education and entertainment. Therefore, our mission is to provide convenient access to Sparklomats for everyone showing that recycling can be an engaging and rewarding experience,” — commented Maxim Kaplevich, owner and CEO of Sparklo.

Globally, with the help of Sparklomats, the company has collected 35.312.092 recyclables: 26.715.093 plastic bottles and 8.596.999 aluminum cans worldwide, making a significant positive impact on the environment.

According to recent data, 4 billion plastic bottles are consumed annually in the United Arab Emirates and 40% of all plastic in the country is single-use. To recycle millions of bottles and cans of general waste annually and make the recycling process more accessible for communities, the company aims to place thousands of recycling machines in MENA in the next years.

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