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Bluewater unveils revolutionary micro bottling system and hydration solutions at the Hotel & Hospitality Expo Saudi Arabia

by Mohammad Ghazal

World-leading water purification and beverage leader Bluewater will unveil the future of sustainable hydration for the hospitality industry at the upcoming Hotel and Hospitality Expo in Ria, Saudi Arabia, from 10 – 12 September. Together with its Dubai-based home appliances distribution partner NIA, Bluewater will showcase its cutting-edge micro-bottling system for hotels, restaurants, and large-scale leisure and sports venues in Hall-2, Stand No: 2A169 in the modern Riyadh Front Exhibition & Conference Center. 

The Bluewater SmartBottling™ solution is an all-in-one micro-ecosystem encompassing washing, filling, sealing, labeling, and packing bottles to help hospitality operations serve guests with fresh-tasting and healthy bottled water without using single-use plastic bottles. The unique innovation enables the hospitality industry to go plastic-free with an efficient, cost-effective, eco-friendly, and cutting-edge alternative to single-use plastic bottles. 

“Bluewater’s ground-breaking solution aims to revolutionize the way water is provided in the hospitality industry, offering unparalleled convenience, sustainability, and hygiene as well as ensuring hospitality companies can achieve an excellent return by avoiding the use of single-use plastic bottles and the transportation of other bottled water,” says Bluewater founder and CEO Bengt Rittri. 

NIA chief executive Kamran Khan said: “We are excited to introduce the micro bottling system and hydration solutions to the hospitality industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is forging ahead with its strategy to be a modern global business and tourism powerhouse. The Bluewater pioneering HORECA solutions will transform how water is served in hotels, restaurants, and leisure centers by providing an eco-friendly, convenient, and safe alternative to traditional bottled water.” 

In addition to the micro bottling system, Bluewater is set to unveil its sustainability-driven innovative hydration solutions tailored specifically for events and venues. With a solid commitment to providing access to cleaner, healthier drinking water, Bluewater’s solutions meet the unique demands of the 21st-century hospitality sector, ensuring visitors have on-demand access to safe, delicious-tasting drinking water, thereby promoting a positive guest experience. 

Furthermore, Bluewater will use its presence at the Riad Hotel Expo to showcase its latest range of under-sink water purifiers for homes and commercial enterprises. 

Bluewater state-of-the-art under-sink purifiers combine advanced filtration technology and sleek design to deliver purified water directly from the tap. Being introduced to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the first time by NIA, Bluewater purifiers are designed with efficiency and user-friendly operation in mind. The compact under-sink solutions provide consumers peace of mind by removing contaminants and impurities from the water and enhancing the overall taste and quality. 

“This unveiling at The Hotel & Hospitality Expo Saudi Arabia underscores Bluewater’s commitment to driving positive change in the industry,” says Bengt Rittri. He added that with its focus on sustainability, convenience, and exceptional water quality, Bluewater is dedicated to creating a better future through innovative solutions that benefit businesses and the environment. 

“Bluewater is on a mission to break the stranglehold of single-use plastic bottles and their unnecessary, polluting transportation by providing great tasting purified drinking water generated and distributed at the point of use,” said Mr. Rittri. 

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