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Veolia launches ‘Veolia Cares’ comprehensive employee benefits programme

by Mohammad Ghazal

Veolia, the global benchmark for ecological transformation, has rolled out Veolia Cares, a generous package of employee benefits for staff in the Near & Middle East region, focusing on a common base level care that will ensure quality protection and welfare for key life moments of the company’s entire human capital.

The launch of Veolia Cares is in line with the company’s firm belief in investing in a healthy and happy workforce and flows from its vision that Veolia’s employees are its future and its greatest assets. Based on five pillars of Parental Leave, Health Cover, Death Benefits, Support for Carers and Volunteer’s Day, one of the biggest features of Veolia Cares is that it covers all employees, whether limited in time or unlimited – including in those countries where nothing is required by law. It is this universal scope of Veolia Cares that creates the program’s appeal and uniqueness.

Commenting on the launch, Pascal Grante, CEO of Veolia Near & Middle East, said: “Veolia’s decision to roll out Veolia Cares, a common base level of employee benefits for all staff in the Near and Middle East,stems from our firm determination to support and protect all our valued employees at key life moments. At Veolia, we believe that it is the responsibility of a global champion to confront geographical inequalities in social benefits. The personal and professional well-being of our employees is also one of the keys to their on-going engagement and the quality of service that Veolia is renowned for. The roll out of Veolia Cares is in complete alignment with our strategic purpose as the global benchmark of ecological transformation, and I am confident it will add greater momentum to our pursuit of a progressive and prosperous future for all.”

Under the Parental Leave policy of Veolia Cares, the maternity or primary caregiver is entitled to at least 10 weeks of leave at 100% of basic pay, while the paternity or secondary caregiver will receive 1 week at 100% of basic pay. The benefit applies from Day 1 of employment, with no limited amount.

Based on the premise that all Veolia employees should have access to medical and hospital care, the Health Cover policy under Veolia Cares applies to all employees, including those who are part-time, from Day 1 of employment. In countries where the state health insurance system does not provide sufficient cover, a health insurance plan may be implemented under Veolia Cares, and preventive actions will also be encouraged.

In the unfortunate event of an employee’s passing, Veolia Cares will provide a payment equal to 6 months’ basic pay of the employee, whatever the cause of death, to the immediate family. This will be provided in addition to any local statutory benefits. This also applies to all employees – including part-time staff – from Day 1 of employment.

A prime example of Veolia Cares’s focus on social benefits is the Support for Carers policy, which allows employees to take leave if they urgently need to care for their seriously ill relatives. The policy applies to all employees who are giving assistance to a close relative in a situation of dependence or serious illness and makes it easier for them to combine acquired leave entitlements.

Similarly, the Volunteer’s Day policy underscores Veolia’s commitment to encourage employees to actively engage and involve with charities and local organizations and allows them to benefit from one working day to contribute to a cause of their choice.

“Veolia Cares not only sets a new benchmark for employee benefits in the industry, but also strongly supports diversity, which is among our core principles,” said Sebastien Dorne, HR Director of Veolia Near & Middle East. “Many of the benefits under Veolia Cares neither require any seniority condition nor a minimum length of service – employees are eligible right from the first day of their employment. With the launch of Veolia Cares, we are confident that Veolia will become an even more progressive and productive place to work at, attracting and nurturing the best of the region’s human capital.”

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