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The MBRIF Innovators Who are Changing the World into a Greener Place

by Madaline Dunn

In today’s rapidly changing world, ESG factors are taking center stage, driving businesses to adopt sustainable practices and contribute positively to society. Recognizing the urgency of addressing global challenges such as climate change and resource depletion, the UAE’s Mohammed bin Rashid Innovation Fund (MBRIF) is playing a pivotal role in supporting innovative entrepreneurs with transformative ideas for a greener future. These trailblazing companies are not only changing industries but also reshaping the world we live in.

MBRIF’s commitment to nurturing environmental innovation and promoting eco-friendly technologies has attracted a cohort of exceptional start-ups focused on sustainability. Here, we spotlight some of these revolutionary companies that could be the next hot ticket in the race for a greener planet.

Wahaj Solar: Revolutionizing Solar Concentration Technology

Wahaj Solar stands at the forefront of renewable energy with its patented solar concentrator, known as ASC (Ayman Solar Concentrator). This innovative technology achieves remarkably high temperatures by efficiently concentrating solar radiation. With its modular design requiring minimal land, ASC can be used for various applications, including solar electricity generation, green hydrogen production, and industrial processes.

One of ASC’s most impressive features is its ultra-high concentration ratio, allowing temperatures of up to 1500 degrees Celsius. Its stable lower focal point ensures the use of solid, non-flexible pipes for heat transfer, making it ideal for continuous electricity generation, green hydrogen production, and metal melting. The success of ASC’s large-scale tests at the Masdar Institute Solar Platform has garnered recognition from the US Department of Energy, potentially leading to further funding for a demonstration project.

Desolenator: A Game-Changer in Water Purification

Addressing the global water crisis and reducing CO2 emissions, Desolenator offers an innovative solution for sustainable water purification. Their patented solar panels play a crucial role in their eco-friendly process, efficiently capturing electricity and converting up to 45% of wasted heat into usable energy. Sunlight generates electricity, which heats water, and a thermal battery stores the heat, enabling continuous operation 24/7.

Desolenator’s groundbreaking approach emphasizes clean drinking water and environmental protection, without the need for chemicals or pollution. This pioneering technology has the potential to revolutionize the field of water purification and bring us closer to a sustainable water future.

Biosolvit: Advancing Eco-Friendly Oil Spill Cleanup

Oil spills pose significant risks to the environment, with potentially disastrous consequences. Biosolvit, a biotech company, has introduced the Bioblue Ecofast Line, featuring the world’s most efficient oil absorber—a natural polymer. This cutting-edge product line provides a faster, more cost-effective solution for preventing and remediating oil or chemical spills while facilitating the extraction and reuse of absorbed oil.

Regardless of the location of oil spill accidents, whether at sea, factories, refineries, or other environments, Biosolvit’s groundbreaking technology employs natural materials to absorb oil and purify the water, demonstrating an eco-friendly approach to tackling such incidents.

Maana Electric: From Deserts to Space—A Clean Energy Revolution

Maana Electric’s groundbreaking venture revolves around TerraBox, a containerized system utilizing proprietary In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) Technologies to create solar panels. By using desert sand and electricity as inputs, this innovation ensures mobility and environmental friendliness while eliminating CO2 emissions and toxic waste streams.

Maana Electric’s core mission is not only to reduce greenhouse gases but also to pave the way for humanity as a space-faring civilization. By combining environmental sustainability with cutting-edge space exploration, Maana Electric is dedicated to advancing our planet while expanding our presence in the cosmos.

Mrüna: Promoting Urban Resilience through Sustainable Wastewater Treatment

Mrüna specializes in on-site wastewater treatment services, emphasizing decentralized infrastructure for increased water reuse. Their innovative transition to a circular system promotes sustainability and resource efficiency, contributing to a more adaptable and sustainable urban environment. Mrüna’s solutions are designed to benefit communities and the planet alike.

By supporting start-ups like Wahaj Solar, Desolenator, Biosolvit, Maana Electric, and Mrüna, MBRIF is fostering an ecosystem of sustainability-driven innovation. These companies are not only transforming industries but also making a positive impact on global challenges, turning the world into a greener and more sustainable place for future generations. As the world increasingly embraces ESG principles and supports sustainable ventures, the UAE’s MBRIF is leading the way towards a brighter, eco-friendly future.

By Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund (MBRIF)

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