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AEMOB Forum shares its participation in the ‘Sustainable Transportation and Legacy for Generations’ Conference and Exhibition

by Madaline Dunn

The Autonomous e-Mobility (AEMOB) Forum, hosted by The Ministry of Transport (MOT) and organised by Just Us & Otto Marketing Services, exhibited and discussed its forum concept at the ‘Sustainable Transportation and Legacy for Generations’ Conference and Exhibition on 17th-18th September 2023.

The two-day gathering showcased the latest developments in Qatar’s land, maritime, and air transportation sectors. It provided a platform for different stakeholders to further their understanding, explore opportunities and establish partnerships while offering their thoughts and recommendations around existing and future sustainable, smart mobility solutions at the AEMOB booth.

Visitors to the booth represented an array of transportation and other sectors, including autonomous, electric, and micro-mobility, leading to several entities expressing their interest in further contributing their perspectives at the Forum in 2024.

The event brought together the transportation sector and other concerned experts, including renowned speakers from Qatar and abroad, and saw significant plans and strategies unveiled that aim to transition towards a comprehensive, integrated, and environmentally friendly transportation system throughout Qatar.

Particular emphasis was placed on cutting-edge sustainable transportation technologies and innovations, which are also set to be central talking points at the Autonomous e-Mobility Forum next year.

Representing the AEMOB Forum Committee, Ahmad Al Ansari, the moderator for the ‘Private Sector’s Active Engagement in Developing the Transportation System’ panel, commented: “The private sector plays an indispensable role in providing technology, thereby driving innovation and growth, not only for Qatar, but also the region, and beyond.”

“Driverless e-Mobility is one important element of current and future innovation and we are looking forward to explore this topic further here in Qatar,” Ansari added.

Conversations also focused on Qatar’s goals to revolutionise the transportation sector by investing in sustainable and smart mobility, enhancing efficiency in line with Qatar National Vision 2030 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) to reduce carbon emissions from conventional vehicles.

Qatar has already made progress in implementing eco-friendly initiatives, such as the introduction of EURO5 diesel fuel, which emits less than 1.5% of emissions compared to previous diesel variants.

The MOT is also committed to transitioning 75% of public transport to electric buses, with a goal of achieving complete carbon neutrality by 2030.

In particular, the conference addressed challenges regarding autonomous vehicles introducing level 3 automation that requires human intervention for safety.

The Ministry has shared that it is actively working on regulatory frameworks for self-driving vehicles in Qatar, emphasising its partnership with the Forum to continue discussions on sustainable mobility, not just from a technological and research perspective but also from a policy perspective.

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