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COP28 Presidency and Dubai Cares set out vision for putting education at the heart of a sustainable future at the 78th United Nations General Assembly, New York

by Madaline Dunn

On the sidelines of the 78th United Nations General Assembly in New York, the COP28 Presidency and Dubai Cares, a civil society organisation formally associated with the United Nations Department of Global Communications (UN DGC), co-hosted a high-level session titled “Rewiring Education for People and Planet: The Road to COP28”. The exclusive gathering served as a platform to outline the COP28 Presidency’s vision for the climate education intersection. The event aimed to build momentum around climate education and invite the global community to the RewirEd Summit at COP28. The COP28 presidency put forward its program for education at COP28 and shared its ambitions for the legacy of education.

The session was opened by HE Adnan Amin, CEO of COP28 and HE Dr. Tariq Al Gurg, Chief Executive Officer and Vice-Chairman of Dubai Cares with the participation of representatives of the RewirEd Summit strategic partners including the CEOs of Generation Unlimited, Education Cannot Wait, and the Aga Khan Foundation, as well as high-level representatives from UNICEF, Global Partnership for Education, UNESCO, and COP28 Youth Delegates.

COP28 CEO HE Adnan Amin said: “The COP28 Presidency remains firmly committed to delivering an inclusive COP, and climate education is a key tool to equip future generations with the skills they need to drive the future climate economy. We are delighted to be working with Dubai Cares to bring the RewirEd Summit to COP28 and take concrete action to scale climate education.”

Commenting on the critical role of education, His Excellency Dr. Tariq Al Gurg, Chief Executive Officer and Vice-Chairman of Dubai Cares, said: “Education sits at the heart of human development yet its role has not been prioritized in global agendas addressing global challenges. The COP28 Presidency is setting a new precedent in not only recognizing the role of education as a catalyst for climate action, but also positioning it as a prerequisite for a sustainable future for all. The RewirEd Summit 2023 at COP28 is a moment for education to take its central role as the engine for a prosperous and sustainable future through solutions, actions, investments and commitments that will catalyze and accelerate its transformation.”

Yasmine Sherif, Executive Director of Education Cannot Wait (ECW), said: “Climate change is disrupting the education of millions of children and adolescents living in crisis-affected countries. In response, the world urgently needs disruptive solutions if we are to collectively enshrine the right of every child to quality education. From the Sahel to Somalia, Libya to Pakistan, children are at the frontline of a climate crisis for which they bear no responsibility in creating. We warmly welcome the UAE’s presidency of COP28 and the RewirEd Summit on Education Day to deliver a breakthrough in funding and innovative thinking.”

Robert Jenkins, Director, Education and Adolescent Development, Programme Group at UNICEFsaid, “The world is experiencing a triple planetary crisis: climate change, pollution, and biodiversity loss. Quality education is a core mechanism to build community resilience and EMPOWER every child through their life course with learning opportunities and skills to be a champion for the environment. UNICEF is mobilizing governments, civil society, and young people as co-creators in finding solutions to the challenges they face. Urgent action is needed now.”

Kevin Frey, Chief Executive Officer, Generation Unlimited, said“At Generation Unlimited, we believe in the extraordinary potential of young people to drive action and solutions for the climate crisis. When we equip them with knowledge, skills, and opportunities, young people become the true champions of our planet, sparking a chain reaction that inspires and motivates governments, businesses, and communities to join forces in this urgent mission. That’s why we have created the Green Rising Initiative, a global effort supporting millions of young people to take grassroots climate action. We are reimagining lifelong learning for a green economy, forging meaningful participation, and imparting green skills so we can build a sustainable future.”

Christopher Castle, Director, Division of Peace and Sustainable Development, Education Sector, UNESCO, said: “UNESCO is committed to stepping up action in education to address the causes and impacts of climate change, including through the Greening Education Partnership, which has already mobilized more than 80 countries and over 1,000 organizations globally. UNESCO is pleased to be continuing its partnership with Dubai Cares through collaboration on the RewirEd Summit at COP28 in December this year.”

The RewirEd Summit 2023 will take place on COP28’s “Youth, Children, Education and Skills” thematic day on 8th December 2023 at Expo City Dubai. The global education gathering is set to place education at the forefront of the climate agenda by convening climate and education actors united in their commitment towards global education transformation. The Summit will also bring together diverse voices and sectors to align agendas, commitments, and financing, as well as share and inspire solutions, ensuring that climate agendas and investments are linked to education priorities, and that education strategies and commitments respond to the climate agenda today and in the future. The RewirEd Summit is committed to supporting the COP28 Presidency in making this COP a COP of Inclusion and a COP of Action by being a Summit of Solutions.

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