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Khazna introduces biofuel solution at GITEX GLOBAL 2023

by Madaline Dunn

In a groundbreaking move towards realising its ‘Future First’ strategy, which outlines the firm’s sustainability ambitions, Khazna Data Centers, the largest hyperscale wholesale data centre provider in the region, today unveiled its plan to introduce biofuels to its portfolio of generators.

Announced at GITEX GLOBAL 2023, which takes place this week in Dubai, the leading UAE-born data centre provider acknowledged a need to move towards more sustainable practices in the industry. By introducing new ways of powering and subsequently cooling data centres, Khazna aims to do just that by lowering its reliance on traditional energy sources.

Hassan Alnaqbi, Chief Executive Officer at Khazna Data Centers said: “Khazna sits at the heart of the UAE’s digital economy with strong ambitions to grow in the region. As technology advances, we will witness an enormous increase in data volumes. To meet this demand, data centers will require much higher density rack configurations, which in turn require more energy. Our role as an industry leader is to look at viable options to make our data centers more sustainable.

“Today’s announcement is therefore an important step in this direction as we continue our journey on this transformational path by switching to biofuel for our generators. We expect notable reductions in carbon emissions as a result of this strategy adjustment, which perfectly complements Khazna’s goal of establishing high standards for environmental responsibility within the data center sector without compromising on operational reliance and efficiency”, Mr. Alnaqbi added.

As part of Khazna’s sustainability strategy, a pilot project will be launched by the end of this year. The project’s first stage will involve blending biofuel with traditional diesel fuel and closely monitoring its performance. After the pilot project demonstrates success, Khazna intends to implement biofuel usage across all of its data centres, further demonstrating the company’s dedication to sustainability.

In the United Arab Emirates, Khazna Data Centers has emerged as a pioneer in enhancing the region’s digital infrastructure. Khazna’s strategic initiatives seek to become a driver in the transition to renewable energy sources to reduce reliance on conventional energy and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

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