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“A catalyst for change”: Accelerating action on clean energy at the 11th CEBC Annual Summit 

by Madaline Dunn

Despite some recent optimistic forecasts on clean energy, action is vital if we are to turn this vision into reality.

The upcoming Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC) Annual Summit will bring together key players to facilitate important and impactful conversations on clean energy in the lead-up to what many are calling the most important global climate summit to date. 

Under the banner, “MENA’s Climate Pledge: Amplifying Actions, Impact, and Leadership for COP28 and Beyond,” the event will be held at the Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai, UAE, on Wednesday, November 8, 2023.

With a week to go until the event, ESG Mena, a strategic partner with the CEBC, runs through what you can expect from the event and outlines its importance ahead of COP28. 

Summit comes at a pivotal moment

Right now, all eyes are on the MENA, having already hosted one COP in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, last year, and a second quickly approaching, to be held in Dubai, UAE. 

The summits come as global temperatures soar, and researchers reveal that the earth’s “vital signs” are worse than they’ve ever been in human history. 

The MENA is also one of the regions set to be worst affected by climate change while simultaneously being a cornerstone of the global energy system, home to around half the world’s proven oil and gas reserves. But, as governments ramp up their economic diversification plans, action on clean energy is progressing. 

However, this needs to accelerate to limit global warming, protect the planet and secure a safe, equitable future.

Against this backdrop, it’s crunch time for climate conversations. 

The Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC) Annual Summit, now in its 11th edition, will be the place where the private sector, government entities, climate envoy teams, and other key players will congregate to discuss these key issues ahead of COP28 and highlight the MENA’s pivotal role in the energy transition. 

What’s to come? 

The event will emphasise the importance of swift, concerted action and collaborative leadership in battling against the intensifying climate crisis, showcasing innovative clean energy solutions, strategic policies, and cross-industry partnerships in the MENA region and their role in the fight. 

Alongside fostering conversation and raising awareness, the event is also set to provide pathways for turning pledges and intentions into action and progress. 

The day will feature a number of panel discussions, including on clean hydrogen, exploring both its applications and market potential, as well as implementation challenges. Climate finance will also be a central element, with a panel discussion on financing the green transition and the role of investors in driving forward change. 

Elsewhere, toward the end of the day, the summit will explore strategies for sustainable mobility and approaches to navigating barriers to adoption. 

Aligning with the event’s overarching theme, the day will also include a fireside chat reflecting on UAE action so far and looking ahead to COP28, called ‘The Solutions-Orientated Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC: COP28’. 

Further, the event will host a number of presentations on everything from climate tech to carbon markets. 

For more information about the event itinerary, head over here.

Paving the path towards change 

The event will bring together a number of subject-matter experts, thought leaders, and key energy industry players, including Saif Al Qudah, the energy transition specialist at COP28 UAE, Carlos Gascó Travesedo, Energy Policy Executive Director at Department of Energy Abu Dhabi, Cornelius Matthes, the CEO of Dii Desert Energy / Desertec3.0, Habiba Al Marashi, Co-Founder and Chairperson of Emirates Environmental Group, and many more, as a crucial event in the lead-up to COP28.

Commenting on the upcoming event, Dr. Nasser Al Saidi, Founder and Chairman of the CEBC, said: “The 11th CEBC Annual Summit is a testament to the CEBC and its members’ unwavering commitment to action to counter the growing impact of climate change on our MENA region. We need climate risk mitigation as well as adaptation. Our CEBC Summit is not just an event; hopefully, it will act as a catalyst for change.”

Adding: “Together, we’ll bring the private sector, governmental entities, climate envoy teams, and other key stakeholders to the table, shaping the discussions and consultations that will influence COP28 outcomes. Join me in highlighting our collective dedication to the ongoing energy transition, addressing climate change through policies and investment to make a lasting impact on our world’s sustainable future.” 

Stay tuned for more event updates from ESG Mena. 

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