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Deloitte & Sustainability Forum Middle East (SFME) host high-level roundtable on “Mobility Transformation and Pathways to Net Zero

by Madaline Dunn

Deloitte, in partnership with Sustainability Forum Middle East (SFME), recently hosted a high-level roundtable on “Mobility Transformation and Pathways to Net Zero” at the Deloitte Digital Office in Riyadh.

The event served as a platform for open dialogue and knowledge-sharing, shedding light on critical issues, emerging trends, and opportunities in decarbonised mobility.

Moderated by Daniel Gribbin, ESG Risk Advisory Lead at Deloitte Middle East, the roundtable featured a panel of experts representing a wide range of expertise and sectors.

These experts shared insights on the journey toward sustainable mobility, and the discussion took place in the context of MENA Climate Week, as a prelude to the UN Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai.

Daniel Gribbin commented: “The Mobility Transformation and Pathways to Net Zero Roundtable provided a blueprint for collective action, innovative technology, supportive policies, carbon offsetting, and a consumer-centric approach to achieve sustainable and eco-friendly mobility. It underscored the importance of collaboration and set a narrative for a successful decarbonized mobility sector.”

Participants addressed decarbonisation challenges, emphasising a holistic approach that considers people’s comfort, habits, and local climate while addressing environmental concerns.

Also discussed was technology’s role, including electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cells, and autonomous transportation, alongside traditional internal combustion engines.

Sustainable infrastructure, like EV charging stations and smart urban planning, was highlighted, as was carbon offsetting for carbon neutrality.

Government policies, collaborative efforts, and consumer engagement were also focal points.

The event shed light on the need to address various factors in mobility sector transformation, from carbon emissions to technological advancements and sustainable infrastructure.

It acknowledged the critical role of consumer engagement and the necessity of government policies, regulations, and collaborative initiatives to guide the shift toward sustainable, low-carbon mobility solutions.

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