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Mashreq launches Climb2Change initiative

by Madaline Dunn

Mashreq has officially launched Climb2Change, a global initiative that integrates the bank’s ESG initiatives and milestones, including the bank’s sustainable finance commitments and ambitions to accelerate environmental and social impact. 

Climb2Change, it said, will consolidate its “strong performance” in sustainable linked financing, responsible banking products and services, social impact initiatives, and net-zero commitment into a “unique global Initiative.”

Commenting on this initiative, Ahmed Abdelaal, Group CEO of Mashreq, said: “As a leading banking institution in the UAE and the wider region, our most impactful role lies in steering capital flows and providing clients with solutions that transcend conventional financing. Climb2Change serves as our strategic global initiative where we actively translate this commitment. Through this initiative, we not only elevate our operations to meet the highest environmental, social, and governance standards but also create shared value for all stakeholders, in line with our guiding principle of ‘Rise Responsibly’.”

“The launch of Climb2Change strategically coincides with our active participation at COP28. Our vision for this initiative extends beyond our own impact; we aspire to foster collaboration among individuals and businesses who share our mission. We aim to not only inspire but empower them to establish their own Climb2Change initiative, enabling a collective scaling of ESG efforts and commitments for a sustainable and greener future.”

Further, Mashreq shared that in an upcoming initiative under the Climb2Change umbrella, Mashreq will enable the clean-up of the mountains through expeditions to 14 of the world’s mightiest mountains reaching the peak on seven and base camp on the remaining seven. 

This initiative aims to build awareness and promote recycling practices, waste reduction and environmental preservation on a global scale.

Mashreq aims to engage influencers, local authorities and communities, organisations, and volunteers who have a deep connection and understanding of the mountains in a collaborative effort to create a cleaner and healthier environment for all.

Mashreq shared that it is calling on all individuals and like-minded companies around the world to join the Climb2Change journey and contribute to creating a sustainable world.

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