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Forbes Middle East highlights Agility as sustainability leader

by Madaline Dunn

Agility has been named one of the top leaders in sustainability in the region by Forbes Middle East. The company was highlighted for its green warehousing, clean energy, and environmentally-focused investment that reduces environmental impact.

The Forbes’ new Middle East Sustainability 100 list ranked Agility as the number three sustainability leader in the transport and logistics sector, and one of only three Kuwait-based companies on the Forbes list.

Agility said it is pioneering the use of sustainable materials, designs and systems in the development and construction of industrial infrastructure in the Middle East and Africa.

A warehouse at the Agility Logistics Park in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, was the first warehousing facility in the Middle East and North Africa to receive EDGE Advanced “green building” certification.

The company’s warehousing complex in Cote d’Ivoire is the first in West Africa to receive EDGE Advanced certification, an IFC-backed standard for buildings at least 40% more energy-efficient than the market.

On the investment side of this, Agility Ventures has invested in startups and technology companies with innovations or disruptive business models with a primary focus or quantifiable positive impact on the environment and social conditions.

Among the technologies it has invested in are clean hybrid powertrain systems for long-haul trucking, electrified last-mile vehicles, EV charging networks and infrastructure, and solar thermal energy systems.

Agility’s operating businesses are following their own sustainability roadmaps. Agility’s Menzies Aviation business, the world’s largest provider of aviation ground services, and its Tristar liquid logistics affiliate are piloting industry efforts to green ground, air and ocean fleets, and develop storage and distribution infrastructure required for the transition to cleaner fuels.

Agility is also being recognized for its investments in its communities. In the last decade, Agility has reached more than 1 million people in need, including deploying resources in the aftermath of natural disasters and complex humanitarian emergencies, as well as a long-standing focus on youth education, entrepreneurship, employment, and digital skilling. Agility supports education and training initiatives for young people in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Cote D’Ivoire, Ghana, India and Egypt, among other countries.

Tarek Sultan, Agility Vice Chairman, said: “Agility has been investing in ESG leadership for nearly 20 years; it’s a core part of our culture, commitment, and value proposition to shareholders, customers, employees, and communities. We’re honored by the acknowledgement from Forbes, and thank every one of our employees and stakeholders for being such a critical part of our sustainability journey.”

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