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Motorola Solutions announces new brand narrative, ‘Solving for safer’

by Madaline Dunn

Motorola Solutions recently announced its new brand narrative, ‘Solving for safer,’ which highlights its focus on solving for safer communities, safer schools and safer businesses.

“From our storied history, today we bridge to an even stronger future. Everyone is entitled to feel safe in their community, school and workplace, but that often isn’t the reality,” said Greg Brown, chairman and CEO of Motorola Solutions. 

“How Motorola Solutions is helping keep people, property and places safe is far more comprehensive than ever. While we recognize technology is not the only way to a safer future, it does play a vital role, and it’s our purpose to make that technology the best it can be.”

Motorola Solutions, traditionally known for public safety communications, shared that it has invested about $12B in organic R&D and acquisitions over the past nine years to create a robust technology portfolio spanning mission-critical communications, video security & access control and command center solutions powered by artificial intelligence. 

The company noted that these solutions enable “more powerful collaboration” between public safety agencies and enterprises, connecting those in need with those who can help. 

For example, a school teacher can press a panic button on the phone during an emergency, which can automatically notify law enforcement, trigger a lockdown, share live video feeds with first responders and send mass notifications.

Motorola Solutions’ transformation focusing on public safety and enterprise security has led to a sizable increase in its total addressable market, which is expected to be $66 billion next year, it said. 

In addition, its video security, access control, command centre and services now account for approximately 50% of company revenue.

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