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REGENT and Aramex sign MoU for sustainable cargo logistics collaboration

by Madaline Dunn

REGENT, a US-based electric seaglider manufacturer and Aramex, a global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions, have signed a strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to partner on the implementation of electric seagliders for middle mile logistics.

Seagliders, they shared, are a new mode of transportation that combines the speed of an aircraft with the convenience of a boat. 

Purpose-built to serve coastal and island communities, seagliders operate exclusively over the water and leverage existing dock infrastructure to carry people and cargo up to 290 km using today’s battery technology.

REGENT and Aramex noted that they will work together to assess the feasibility of integrating REGENT’s high-speed seagliders into Aramex’s existing logistics network. 

The focus will be on identifying potential middle mile routes where seagliders can transport cargo from primary ports to secondary coastal distribution nodes while providing a cleaner, more efficient alternative to existing transport options.

This partnership, facilitated by the Strategic Development Fund (SDF) as a strategic investor in REGENT, will see Aramex, explore deployment opportunities in the Middle East initially, followed by other key markets to pave the way for a more sustainable future of logistics.

Alaa Saoudi, Chief Operating Officer – Express at Aramex, commented: “At Aramex, we are committed to fostering innovation and adopting sustainable solutions that enhance our logistics capabilities while minimizing our environmental impact. The partnership with REGENT aligns well with this resolve, allowing us to explore the transformative potential of cutting-edge technologies such as electric seagliders, opening up new possibilities for efficient and sustainable middle mile logistics in the Middle East and beyond.”

Meanwhile, Angad Singh, Global Director – Innovation at Aramex, added: “We are keen to enhance our capabilities to move packages efficiently and effectively over sea routes given the expansion and development of coastal cities within our core region. This completes the trifecta of air, sea and land for our future vehicle program development.”

Billy Thalheimer, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of REGENT, said: “Middle mile logistics is a large, untapped opportunity for sustainable innovation. Working with forward-thinking logistics partners like Aramex will unlock new economic potential across our markets. This collaboration showcases both the multi-mission capabilities of electric seagliders and REGENT’s accelerated growth in the region.”

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