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Dubai Chamber of Commerce organises virtual workshop on cybersecurity

by Madaline Dunn

Dubai Chamber of Commerce recently organised a virtual workshop on cybersecurity.

Titled ‘Building Cyber Resilience in a Complex and Interconnected Digital World’, the workshop was hosted in collaboration with Mastercard and aimed at enhancing the Dubai business community’s ability to deal with cyber threats.

It was attended by 50 participants from various companies operating in Dubai and featured interactive discussions and constructive dialogues, providing participants with information and insights, along with guidelines and real-world data in the digital field.

Participants in the workshop were introduced to critical aspects of cybersecurity, including identifying sources and reasons for cyberattacks that target companies, as well as assessing the level of risk-facing technological programmes.

Discussions also explored best practices for ensuring the security of institutions and the latest tools for mitigating cybersecurity risks.

The workshop is the second in a series of sessions to be held under a new initiative, launched by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce in July 2023 in collaboration with Mastercard.

The initiative includes a year-long programme to help companies evaluate and improve their cybersecurity capabilities.

His Excellency Mohammad Ali Rashed Lootah, President and CEO of Dubai Chambers, said: “The digital world is constantly evolving as we grow increasingly reliant on modern and smart technologies in all areas of life. But the pace of cyberattacks is also growing in parallel, with expanding scopes and fast-changing methods. This exposes institutions and business sectors to imminent risks that must be systematically and continually addressed, which makes it more important than ever to keep pace with cybersecurity developments, exploring best practices, advanced systems, and tools to ensure the protection of digital systems.”

“This workshop aligns with our efforts to provide support, knowledge, and guidance to the local business community in all practical and digital domains,” H.E. Lootah added.

“The session aims to develop Dubai-based companies’ capabilities and potential, in addition to offering top-quality services with added value, which is integral to our strategy to elevate Dubai’s business environment and boost the private sector’s competitiveness.”

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