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Zajel shares decarbonisation efforts & plans

by Madaline Dunn

UAE logistics and courier service company Zajel has shared that it is looking into different methods to bolster decarbonisation and sustainability efforts.

It has shared that part of its methods will be raising awareness among employees on simple ways to reduce carbon footprints. This will be facilitated in part through educational workshops.

“There are small changes everyone can do that would make a difference. Even if the steps are small, eventually we will all reach the goal of reducing our carbon footprint, which will benefit the bigger goal of net zero 2050,” said Nabeel Al Kharabsheh, Zajels General Manager.

Zajel also noted its move toward environmentally friendly practices and the utilisation of recyclable materials for all operations, sharing that it is also ISO14001 – 2015 Environmental Management System Certified.

According to the company, it is prioritising partnerships with companies committed to environmental preservation. Zajel also shared it is actively collaborating with vendors who possess environmental certifications or utilise recycled materials, aligning with the company’s CSR vision and working towards ensuring that all vendors are certified or use recyclable materials.

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