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CSD launches winter campaign “Their safety first”

by Madaline Dunn

The Child Safety Department (CSD), an affiliate of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in Sharjah, has launched its “Their Safety First” campaign.

This campaign aims to inform over 2000 children and 500 parents about safe practices during the winter season, this includes camping, outings, and other outdoor activities, providing practical advice to ensure the health and safety of children throughout the year.

The campaign has kicked off in various outdoor destinations frequented by families, such as parks and beaches. 

It also took part in the “Dawahi Festival 12” at Al Qarayen Park 4, organising workshops with games, entertainment, and educational activities to raise awareness about potential risks and necessary preventive measures.

Running until the end of February 2024, the campaign includes workshops and courses targeting parents, covering first aid, emergency numbers, and basic information and skills to deal with emergency situations involving children, such as bleeding, choking, fainting, shock, or fractures. 

The courses also train parents on safely using automated external defibrillators, CPR, and dealing with incidents like swallowing coins or solid objects.

The Child Safety Department organises workshops during the campaign to educate children about personal and collective safety measures. 

Workshops include “Safety Measures at Home,” providing guidelines to prevent home accidents, and “How to Be a Rescuer,” teaching children basic principles of first aid. The workshop “Enjoying a Safe Journey without Risks” mentally prepares children for trips, providing safety measures such as choosing a safe camping location, and raising awareness for emergencies like floods and landslides.

Speaking on this, Her Excellency Hanadi Al Yafei, Director-General of CSD, said: “Winter is a season of outdoor activities where children and parents leave their safe spaces for picnics, leisure, and joyful moments. Therefore, this season brings challenges and risks that our children may face, such as accidents resulting from neglect, errors in assessing situations, or not taking necessary preventive measures. For this reason, through the ‘Their Safety First’ campaign, we aim to raise awareness among children and parents about the risks that may occur during camping, outings, and other outdoor activities.”

“Our goal is a safe life for children, where they can engage in their natural activities, build relationships with nature, and live experiences that enhance their abilities without risks. We believe that the most stable and effective way to achieve this goal is through awareness, education, and informing parents and the community about the best ways and practices to care for children in all conditions. In addition, cooperation and partnership with all components of society are essential,” she continued. 

Adding: “We, at the Child Safety Department, work diligently to protect our children, and we invite everyone to collaborate with us and participate in our campaign, which combines awareness and entertainment, and promotes dialogue between children and parents to hear suggestions and assess the awareness of child safety practices. This way, families can enjoy happy moments without accidents or hindrances.”

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