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Arab National Bank partners with Canon on carbon emissions

by Madaline Dunn

Arab National Bank has announced its partnership with Canon Middle East & Turkey to “compensate” the bank’s carbon emissions stemming from print operations, it shared.

The region’s first climate project contribution in ink, paper and electricity allows companies to compensate for greenhouse gas emissions generated during the use of Canon products, it said.

This is achieved by investing in curated environmental projects, which are certified by independent third-party verifier Gold Standard, and range from windmills and forestation to extensive tree planting initiatives.

Further, each project has been independently audited and found to comply with the standards for quantifying carbon footprints set by ISO16759:2013.

Canon noted its Climate Project Contribution is certified by Climate Partner, an independent solutions provider for climate action.

It also shared that it utilises efficient, low-carbon products and smart tools like uniFLOW significantly to avoid emissions associated with print operations.

The company noted that the program is a “comprehensive approach” that begins with identifying opportunities for emission avoidance.

Through print and scan audits, the program pinpoints avenues for printer fleet rationalisation, which leads to the implementation of efficient devices and processes, reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Canon documents the climate compensation process and tags each product with an individual ID number, an approach which delivers a transparent framework with individualised labels and certificates, enabling precise visibility into energy consumption and emissions within printer fleets.

Shadi Bakhour, B2B Business Unit Director at Canon Middle East, commented: “Our commitment to the environment extends beyond product innovation and GreenTech, to encompass sustainable practices within the print operations of our customers. Our partnership with Arab National Bank underscores our dedication to collaborative sustainability in line with our corporate philosophy of KYOSEI—living and working together for the common good.”

Naif Al Harbi, CIO of Arab National Bank, said: “While modern products and operational processes are efficient and environmentally friendly, certain CO2 emissions remain unavoidable. Our collaboration with Canon offers a tangible solution to offset these emissions.”

Hasin AlMalki, Head of Information Technology at Arab National Bank added: “This type of technological solutions allow us to print and scan in a more sustainable manner. Beyond reducing our environmental footprint, the partnership also drives cost savings by enabling business continuity, and eliminating inefficiencies and unnecessary energy expenses.”

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