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Saudi Coffee Company and Estidamah collaborate on sustainability workshop

by Madaline Dunn

Saudi Coffee Company recently teamed up with The National Research and Development Center for Sustainable Agriculture (Estidamah) to host a sustainability workshop on advancing coffee farming and production methods in the Kingdom.

Taking place between the 16th and 17th of January, the workshop was held in Jazan under the banner “Fertilization Programs to Improve Coffee Production in the Kingdom.”

Set up to engage local and international experts in soil management and fertilisers with optimal use for coffee plantations, the workshop aimed to expose local farmers and suppliers to the latest farming practices, harnessing the expertise of local industries and research centres.

The event also shed light on formalising specialised fertilisers tailored for coffee plantation, intended to be accessible locally.

Across the two days, participants learned about enhancing coffee quality through effective nutrient application, soil analysis, and optimisation tailored specifically for coffee trees.

Day one explored sustainable production, with a focus on organic and mineral fertilisers, while methods such as nanotechnology and biochar, were also discussed.

Day two, meanwhile, explored topics such as creating strategies for resilient coffee planting in the face of climate change, emphasising that sustainable practices are essential for the industry’s future.

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