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Tekvel and Nano Imports partner to advance digital substations across UAE

by Madaline Dunn

Tekvel, an engineering company specialising in power system automation, and Nano Imports, an Emirati distributor of energy and IT solutions, recently announced a partnership aimed at accelerating the UAE’s transition to a sustainable energy future, with an exclusive distributorship agreement.

“UAE’s shift to digital substations is not only a local phenomenon but is also a model for global energy transformation. As countries worldwide strive to meet their environmental goals, the successful implementation of these technologies in the UAE serves as a blueprint for others. The partnership between Tekvel and Nano Imports demonstrates how international business alliances may accelerate transition to a sustainable energy future,” Tekvel said in a statement.

Further, the company shared digital substations are an “essential innovation” in modernising the energy sector, offering both environmental and safety benefits, and reducing the risk of environmental contamination by eliminating copper wiring and oil-filled components.

“Such substations are vital for transition to clean energy and also enable better integration of renewable energy sources into the grid, aligning with global sustainability goals and supporting UAE commitments,” the company said.

According to Tekvel, digital substations also enhance operational efficiency, are more reliable, and are easier to maintain than traditional substations.

Real-time monitoring and data analytics provided by platforms such as Tekvel Park also improve the predictability and responsiveness of the grid, eventually leading to reduced downtime and enhanced service quality, it said.

Highlighting the importance of upskilling and reskilling in the energy transition, the two companies also shared their commitment to providing technical education and training programs to facilitate knowledge transfer and skilled talent development.

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