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ReList launches as first mobile application for recycling in Lebanon

by Madaline Dunn

USAID has announced the launch of “ReList,” the first mobile application in Lebanon for recyclables trading, under the Diverting Waste by Encouraging Reuse and Recycling (DAWERR) project.

USAID’s DAWERR activity, it shared, has tapped into the private sector’s competitive edge to bring a new solution to Lebanon’s years-long waste crisis.

“ReList,” it was explained, provides businesses across Lebanon with easy access to buyers and sellers of recyclables; increases access to markets, raw materials, and fair prices; reduces transportation distances, costs, and eventually increases the price of recyclables.

The application was developed by Nadeera, a startup company that specialises in solid waste management, and the winner of USAID’s DAWERR Clearinghouse challenge.

Nadeera received $40,000 as a grant from USAID, in addition to tailored technical assistance during the six-month incubation to develop the ReList mobile application at Berytech.

Speaking about the launch, USAID/Lebanon Mission Director Julie Southfield, said: “The commitment of the United States Government, through USAID, to reduce the destructiveness of poor solid waste management has been done in partnership with local communities and the private sector and we think it is a beacon of hope for a sustainable future in Lebanon. Since 2020, USAID has invested $15 million to support solid waste management in Lebanon…By supporting “ReList,” USAID is not just embracing innovation; we are contributing to the larger goal of environmental sustainability, economic growth, and job creation.”

Meanwhile, Ingrid Salloum, DAWERR Project Manager from Berytech commented: “DAWERR Clearinghouse was an exciting opportunity for startups to focus on fostering teamwork, networking, benefit from coaching sessions with local experts, and create opportunities for knowledge exchange to explore the market and develop a valid business model for an e-commerce platform.”

Rabih El Chaar, Founder and CEO of Nadeera, said: “Looking forward, Nadeera envisions a future where the ReList application becomes an integral part of waste management strategies in Lebanon, promoting responsible waste practices and driving meaningful change.”

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